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Here is the list of 27 free games available to download on Steam for July 2023

Steam is once again offering some free games that you can download and keep forever until the end of the month. If you’re looking for a new game or two to add to your Steam library, this article is for you. Here is the list of 27 free games to download on Steam before July 2023.

Here is the list of 27 free games available to download on Steam for July 2023

3. COVID 23: Test labs– Infiltrate dangerous facilities, plant explosives, collect vital evidence and rescue survivors as you battle nightmarish mutations.

4. Danger ducklings– Join 2 cute but not-so-smart ducklings on their quest through over 100 fun and challenging puzzles!

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5. Doomsday: Last Survivors– The apocalypse has arrived and zombies are on the rampage. As the leader of the survivors, collect and use resources to defend their last hideout!

6. Ducks can drive– Earn money by delivering food to fellow ducks in town and then use this money to upgrade your vehicle.

7. Dust and aliens– Play a space cowboy as he travels to an arena full of aliens, traversing the various game rooms to get the highest possible score and challenge the ultimate Dust and Aliens enemy!

8. [E]ISLAND HOPS– You must find and collect all the portal shards scattered on different islands to have a chance to escape!

9. FISH GUN– A chaotic fish-person shooter where you give your sentient gun random upgrades to defeat hordes of evil fruit.

10. Five nights at Smog’s– You take the night shift of the watch in a poutinerie in The York. There is an unknown monster in the restaurant trying to get you.

11. Home Designer Makeover Blast– Join Hazel on her journey as she transforms boring homes into modern and space-saving homes.

12. INVICTA: The next queen– A TopDown Souls like game where a legendary warrior must fight her way through hell and reclaim her soul.

13. It’s just a story– A free to play post-apocalyptic and survival horror based game

14. JUMP TO SURVIVE– A video game where you just have to jump, well, also dodge obstacles, beat your records and much more.

15. Miners settlement– Explore enchanting landscapes with unique pixel art graphics

19. Scholar’s Mate – First move– A first-person horror experience in a mental hospital

20. Shire ranges– A multiplayer arena shooter with sniper muskets, swords and fluid movement.

21. Soccer Kids Alpha– A game about football, made by people who are bad at football.

22. Mental– Spiritle is a turn-based digital board game for 4 players.

23. sultry– Swelter is a story-driven mod set several years before the events of Half-Life 2.

24. Temtem: showdown– Jump straight into Temtem competitive action in this free multiplayer battle simulator!

25. Train operator 377– Enjoy the charm of one of the UK’s oldest and most enchanting railways from the best vantage point available – the driver’s seat!

26. world bossLazarBeam and Fresh present WORLD BOSS. Fast, fluid FPS gameplay.

27. WWII online– A fully F2P player-driven simulated wargame with a first-person tactical and strategic layer.

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