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The messaging giant, WhatsApp has more than two billion monthly active users. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. However, people use it for sending more than just text/voice messages. It is used for sharing photos, videos and sometimes memes. The best part of the news is that the popular messaging app is undergoing several upgrades to keep up with the user trends. The company just wants to add value to its app by providing the best texting experience. The meta-owned messaging app plans to roll out WhatsApp updates soon, which include two major changes to its visuals. The new WhatsApp features were actually found by WABetaInfo’s internet detectives. So let’s dive in.

Here are some WhatsApp features that will soon make their way to your apps in 2023

Ability to recognize text in WhatsApp images

One of the most important tweaks Whatsapp plans to launch this year is the ability to recognize text in images shared through WhatsApp. It will be a useful feature that will allow users to copy and paste the text. However, the point worth mentioning here is that the messaging platform only supports it and this feature is only available for iOS 16 users.

Transfer chat without Google Drive

Another improvement is the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat history between Android phones without the help of Google Drive. This feature is still being tested. No doubt, Whatsapp users will find it much easier to switch their chat history from one phone to another with this tech-savvy alternative. Users can enable it by going to the:

  • WhatsApp settings
  • To chat
  • Chat Transfer to Android
  • scan the QR code
  • according to the instructions on the screen

Report problematic content on status

WhatsApp users have the ability to report violations of the platform’s rules, message contacts, and receive media. However, the good news is that they will soon be able to report statuses that contain offensive information, such as defamation or abusive language.

Use a proxy to connect to WhatsApp

The fact is that WhatsApp usually has a hard time connecting to the platform due to government censorship in some other countries. The company recently introduced support for proxy functionality for those who want to download and use this app anywhere. The notable thing here is that it can only be used on the latest version of WhatsApp.

Send images in their original quality

We had already shared with you that WhatsApp is now developing a new feature that allows users to send photos in their original resolution with compression. If you want to know more about it, go to the page below:

Soon you will be able to share WhatsApp photos in their original quality without compression

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