GTA Online Update brings new exciting features for gamers

The most recent update to GTA Online introduces several new monetization opportunities, along with a huge new garage. GTA Online is constantly evolving and transforming in ways fans couldn’t have imagined before its release in 2013. In the early days of the game, the most expensive item was a million dollar spoof of a Bugatti, and the most expensive property was a $400,000 condo. It’s amazing to see how far the game has progressed since then.

Now it is possible to acquire boats, jetpacks, huge factories that make illegal items and much more. While Rockstar Software is busy producing the next Grand Theft Auto, it has continued to deliver new content for GTA Online.

The most recent GTA Online update builds on the Los Santos Drug Warfare update that launched in December. On Eclipse Boulevard, players can now acquire a large multi-story garage that can hold up to 50 cars.

GTA+ members can get this game for free, which is a very generous reward. If you need extra money to buy the garage, this update introduces several new monetization opportunities. In the free world, players can discover Stash Houses and loot them for cash and narcotics. Similarly, new dead drops for “G’s Cache” appear on the map, rewarding players with cash and other goodies.

In addition, you can now make a fortune selling all types of narcotics (marijuana, meth, cocaine and acid) to street vendors. If you can satisfy each dealer’s taste, they will pay more for your goods. This week you’ll earn another 50% GTA$ from dealer sales, so it’s a good time to unload lab supplies.

In addition, Rockstar has added new store robberies that you can stop. After doing justice, you have the option to keep the money or return it to the store that was robbed. Until February 22, these activities also earn double GTA$ and RP. Those who participate in the new activities before March 1 will be eligible for a range of Rockstar incentives.

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