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GTA 6 will most likely be unplayable for millions of gamers

The players are waiting for the imminent release of Grand Theft Auto 6. There are rumors that Rockstar Games will launch the release of the game in the near future. However, GTA 6 will most likely be unplayable for millions of gamers. The reasons behind this situation are not yet clear. However, it causes a lot of speculation and discussion within the gaming community.

The reason for the hype surrounding the game is its impressive features. It has two main characters, takes place in Vice City and revolves around robberies. However, many people won’t be able to play the game when it releases.

GTA 6 will most likely be unplayable for millions of gamers

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According to the Tom Henderson leak, GTA 6 will release in late 2024 or later, possibly in 2025. However, the company will reveal the game sometime this year.

In addition, the game will likely only be available on next-gen consoles such as PC, Xbox Series, and PS5. So we will have to wait a while before we can get our hands on the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6.

The leaks revealed that the game will only be available for the current generation of consoles from the outset. This is positive news in terms of the game’s ability to showcase cutting-edge graphics and technology. In other words, there are millions of players who have not yet upgraded to this generation of consoles. Therefore, they cannot play the game.

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