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GPT-4 officially launched by OpenAI in ChatGPT Plus

Finally, Open AI launched the next generation GPT-4 with several advanced features, including a new multimodal model. Like the artificial intelligence company is popular ChatGPT so we expected to see this GPT-4 in it first.

But they introduced it to the Bing Chat first, but don’t worry, it wasn’t filled with all the new features of GPT-4 without many features, so let’s go over all the details below.

OpenAI’s GPT-4: All the details

OpenAI's GPT-4: All the details

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ChatGPT’s success has attracted many people and the company’s attention; even Microsoft has given its developer company money to use their technology in their unpopular search engine Bing, which is now exceeded 100 million daily active users barrier.

And the developer company decided to work on the next version of its autoregressive language model called GPT-4, and now it is officially available in ChatGPT, but not for everyone.

As the company keeps it behind a paywalland if someone wants to use ChatGPT based on GPT-4, he has to pay, while the earlier ChatGPT is based on GPT-3 still free for everyone.

ChatGPT Plus is the subscription that allows you to use GPT-4, and it costs $20 per month. To upgrade and use ChatGPT, go to chat.openai.comand because developers want access to the GPT-4 API so they can join this waiting list.

By the way, on the same day of release Yusuf MahdiMicrosoft’s head of consumer marketing, revealed that their new Bing has been using GPT-4 for five weeks.

And the users who are part of the new Bing preview all have experienced an early version of this powerful model.

Yusuf also congratulated Open AI on the launch of GPT-4, saying “As OpenAI makes updates for GPT-4 and beyond, Bing will benefit from those improvements”.

What’s new in GPT-4

According to the developer company, they spent about six months making GPT-4 so that it can generate more acceptable And more undisputed compared to GPT-3.5.

It also shared some statistics about the comparison with GPT-3.5. The new version of GPT is expected not generate results around 82% times for disallowed contentand it is also expected to generate around 40% more factual responses.

It also gained several new capabilities, such as generating results in more languages ‚Äč‚Äčthan just English, as they improved 25 languages.

And GPT-4 is now more capable of passing exams designed for humans with its more trained data and human-like responses.

For example, the company gave it to clearing USNCO Local Section Exam 2022, and it scored 36 / 60. However, GPT-3 scored 24/60, 10 points less than GPT-4.

Another advancement is visual inputs which we discovered even before it was released. Visual input allows users to provide input as text And Pictures. Still, it will output in text form.

GPT-4 explains MEME from Reddit
Source: Open AI

You can see the perfect example of this new visual input feature in the image above, where it explains a meme Reddit.

With all that, it also has similar limitations to GPT-3, which contains “hallucinatory” facts about a topic that falls under prohibited content, and it may have errors of reasoning. And also, the trained data is still limited to September 2021.

Another advantage of GPT-4 is that it “Controllability‘, which can be explained as different personalities for different situations.

You can understand it by looking at the image below in which GPT-4 is located Socratic teacher instead of just giving the answer.

ChatGPT manageability in GPT-4
Source: Open AI

Now, Microsoft’s Bing isn’t the only company benefiting from OpenAI’s technology, as it’s also partnered with several companies to merge GPT-4 into their products.

And this list includes some popular brand names, such as:

  • Duolingoa language learning company.
  • stripeenabling electronic payment gateways.
  • Khan Academya popular education company with thousands of courses.

For more information, you can also check out OpenAI’s full research report which includes several of its test results.

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