Govt warns of Israeli hackers activities in Pakistan

The federal government has warned provincial governments and ministries about the activities of Israeli hackers in Pakistan. According to some latest reports, Israeli hackers have recently become active and are stealing citizens’ personal information. They target individuals through various social media platforms.

According to the sources, “Israeli hackers have become active and are stealing citizens’ personal information. “Citizens have been targeted by various social media platforms,” sources said.

Govt warns of Israeli hackers activities in Pakistan

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In addition, the federal government has sent a circular to all provincial governments, ministries and departments to warn against these activities.

“Israeli companies are working to steal citizens’ personal information,” government sources said. “The government circular advised avoiding the exchange of personal information with suspicious companies,” sources said.

“The government’s circular also includes cybersecurity guidelines to prevent hackers from being targeted,” the sources said.

“Do not share a personal email ID with an unknown person,” the official letter advises. “Avoid using official email for personal communication,” it recommends.

According to cybersecurity guidelines, personal data and documents should not be shared with unauthorized websites. The guidelines also suggest not clicking on unknown links to protect against hacking.

In addition, citizens are not allowed to download unidentified and suspicious applications on devices. They should also ignore the use of public Wi-Fi as a precaution.

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