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Government plans to export $20 billion of IT sector in next three years

The federal government has drawn up a plan to attract investment in the information technology sector, in which IT exports could reach $20 billion over the next three years. In addition, the government plans to bring $10 billion in investment to Pakistan in this sector.

The second chapter of the Special Investment Guidance and Consultation Board is starting to revolutionize the IT sector.

Government plans to export $20 billion of IT sector in next three years

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Also, the government is organizing a mega-event in the form of a national seminar at a local hotel in Islamabad to attract investment in the IT sector.

This event will bring together international delegates, diplomats, national and international investment companies and renowned personalities related to information and communication technology. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Army Chief of Staff General Asim Munir will specially participate in this ceremony.

During the event, they will highlight the potential of investments in Pakistan’s IT sector for the world. The government has also decided to take important steps to address the industry’s current challenges and to align policies and methods with the demands of modern times.

Pakistan’s IT and telecommunications industry has high hopes for this mega event, which will not only boost the confidence of national and international investors, but also provide unprecedented facilities and incentives to the IT sector for the first time in history in Pakistan.

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