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Google’s AI chatbot ‘Bard’ shared incorrect information in ad

On Monday, Google announced its own AI chatbot called Bard to compete with Open AI’s ChatGPT, but it didn’t go well because a result shown in the first promotional demo was found wrong, which also caused the company.

Earlier, Microsoft launched its “new Bing,” which has a new chat feature powered by Open ChatGPT from AI of GPT 3.5 language model, and you can also try it for free.

Google AI Chatbot, Bard’s mistake affected Google’s market wealth

Google AI Chatbot, Bard's mistake affected market wealth

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First, let’s go over a little background on this Google Bard. The manager Sunder Pichai unveiled this AI chatbot with an official blog, which also includes its demo and many details.

This chatbot would run on Google’s internal language model, LaMDAwhich is said to be much better than other AI chatbots, with its conversational practices and Google’s huge data fuel.

But still it didn’t get the first attention in the right promotional way, it was noticed incorrect information provided by it in a promotional GIF shared by Google on its official Twitter account.

As you can see, the image above shows Bard’s question and answer. While the question was:What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old about?

In three bullet points, Bard replied, and one of the points states that “James Webb Space Telescope took the first ever pictures of a planet outside our own solar system,and then multiple astronomers on Twitter marked this as wrong And inaccurate.

And a well-known website, New scientistconfirmed all these claims and said that the first photo of an exoplanet was taken in 2004 (14 years before the launch of JWST), and they even shared an article from the NASA website about it as proof.

Google hasn’t commented on it yet, but they could consider this flaw as something that needs improvement in Bard’s language model.

Separately, this AI chatbot, Bard, is not currently available to everyone, as the company has marked it as an “experimental conversational AI service” and said it will be “more widely available to the public in the future.” coming weeks.”

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