Google Workspace AI can communicate with the user

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world. Even the latest technology is now equipped with AI and Google workspace has become a part of that as well. Can you imagine writing meeting minutes in Google Docs and the doc communicating with you? Yes, this is now possible because Google integrates AI as a collaboration partner that will always be available to help you when you write in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, as well as Google Meet and Chat. This announcement regarding Google Workspace AI was made in an official blog published on March 14 by Johanna Voolich Wright, vice president of product for Google Workspace.

These AI tools are designed to help with brainstorming, proofreading, writing and rewriting in Google Docs. Speaking about it, Wright said, “Slides will create auto-generated audio, images, and video; Spreadsheets will automatically generate formulas; Meet will take notes; and AI will enable workflows to get things done in Chat.”

Google came up with an example to help us understand how it really works. According to the example, Google can ask users to help them write a job posting and guess what it will automatically generate a job description with responsibilities and necessary qualifications. Other than this, users can take notes in Gmail and use the formalize option to polish their writing.

The company released a statement revealing:

“We are rooted in the reality that we must learn from the real world while maintaining safety and trust. The only way to improve a product like this where the user experience is so much different than anything anyone has seen before is to let people like you use the product and do exactly what you all do.

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