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Google rolls out privacy sandbox beta with new settings for Android 13

Google rolled out Privacy Sandbox beta with new settings for Android 13. Google first announced Privacy Sandbox on Android as a way to provide more secure advertising techniques. The privacy sandbox beta offers new APIs that are designed with privacy at their core and do not use identifiers that can track your activity across apps and websites. Apps that choose to participate in the beta can use these APIs to show you relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.

Google rolls out privacy sandbox beta with new settings for Android 13

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Privacy Sandbox works without using cross-app device identifiers that Google has tried to shorten. This approach estimates the types of ads you might be interested in. To get this feature, go to Settings > Privacy > Ads. Here you will see a new Privacy Sandbox menu with a high-level toggle to enable or disable the “ads privacy beta”.

Google is “gradually” rolling out Privacy Sandbox through Play Services. If you sign up for beta, you will get it very soon. It starts with a small percentage of Android 13 devices. You will receive a system notification when the Privacy Sandbox Beta is live.

If you’re an ad technology provider, the Privacy Sandbox is ready to be tested. If you are an app developer working with third parties for advertising-related services, ask your providers for their roadmap and how you can participate in the Privacy Sandbox testing.

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