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Google Pixel takes a hilarious shot at Apple

Due to the enormous popularity of iPhones around the world, all smartphone makers are trying to compete with the silicon giant. They also try to mock Apple in every possible way. Google in particular is quite prominent in this regard. The company is back with an advertising campaign. Google Pixel Phone mocks the iPhone in a series of ‘Best Phones Forever’ videos, exactly the same as the one from Microsoft Corp and Apple’s Mac vs PC advertising campaigns. However, the search giant Google opted for a slightly friendlier tone with its campaign this time. Let’s dive in.

Google Pixel mocks Apple iPhones in new campaign

The new Google campaign pits its Pixel phones against the iPhone, highlighting several features that are available on Pixels but are missing from iPhones. The company even mocked Apple for its refusal to release the Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol and the blue bubble controversy.

The first video is displayed Google Assistant And Siri talk about stagnation. Siri is portrayed as concerned that iMessage is the iPhone’s only remaining legacy. Isn’t it hilarious? Let’s take a look at that:

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Google Pixel 7 Pro is claimed to be better at photography as compared to the iPhone 14 Pro. The point to note here is that the Pixel tries to be friendly and calls the iPhone “legendary.” The search giant is also tinkering with the iPhone for “sketchy” Wi-Fi connectivity, pinpointing features like reverse wireless charging, free VPN (for five years) and astrophotography. These videos are only a minute long, so you can go through all of them in five minutes. Have a look:

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