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Google Messages will soon pick up animated emojis, making texts more vivid

Google Messages is one of the default messaging apps on some of the best android phones outside. The app is undoubtedly essential for day-to-day communication as it can handle conventional SMS/MMS. In addition, it can also pass more sophisticated RCS standards, making it suitable for connecting to just about anyone with a phone number. To improve the user experience, the app has recently gained advanced AI features that allow users to jot down quick answers. The point worth noting is that the chat app is now selecting animated emojisalbeit with some limitations.

Google Messages is updated with some AI features

The notable thing here is that sending standard emoji is already possible in Messages. However, the addition of animated emoji makes it more exciting. Is it not? Let me tell you that it seems like animations only work if you send one emoji. Using more than one emoji or even a combination of text and emoji doesn’t seem to trigger the animation.

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The new change applies to loads of emojis currently available on your keyboard. It makes texts livelier. The point worth noting is that the inclusion of emoji animations in Messages was first found by a Reddit user. On the other hand, Android expert Mishaal Rahman also seems happy with a tip about the new visual addition, with one user in the replies later confirming its presence. Let me tell you that the new feature doesn’t seem to be live for everyone. It is currently a region-restricted rollout. We hope it will soon find its way to all people, but in stages.

We hope Google provides all relevant information about animated emojis when available to all Google Messages users. Right now, the current addition to the app is a new badge for RCS chats along with instant replies for users of the web version of Messages.

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