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Google Messages will soon allow you to create your own profile

Google is quite active in making the Messages app more useful and convenient. Last month, Google added end-to-end encryption support for RCS group chats in the Messages app. According to some latest reports, Google Messages will soon allow you to create your own profile.

Google Messages will soon allow you to create your own profile

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According to a screenshot posted by u/seeareeff in a Reddit post, Google may begin adding user profiles to Google Posts. The screenshot shows a page in the app’s settings called “Profile” with “Visibility” controls. It also has “notifications” settings that allow you to receive alerts when a user joins Google Messages.

While these options can be found by searching for “Profiles” in Android’s Settings app, the toggles do nothing. There is also no evidence to show us what a Google Message profile might look like. It looks like Google is testing the feature internally. In a future update, we may get this feature from the Messages app.

Although this feature is not so necessary. However, there are some possible benefits. This feature is useful for identifying other participants in a group chat. You can also see from profiles if someone is sending you a message from an unknown number. Messaging apps have been using Profiles for years, but this would be a feature not even Apple has with iMessage. Let’s see if the rumor is true when Google will introduce this feature.

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