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Google Messages hides Assistant-branded features — looks like it’s time to say goodbye

In view of the success of Microsoft’s ChatGPT, Google has turned its focus to artificial intelligence and now has ambitions for a bigger picture. As the company is more into this, it has fallen out of love with the features of the Assistant brand and helps users get rid of the Google Assistant name tag. Google Assistant on Web waved goodbye a long time ago, but now it looks like Assistant is leaving another place, namely Google Messages.
Previously, when you wrote a message, you saw an Assistant logo on a few emergency services in the + menu. These services include weather, restaurants and movies. However, now these icons are gone. Aside from that, when we typed a message, the Google Assistant gave us suggestions on what to respond based on the conversation we had with the person in question.

Time to say goodbye to Assistant branded features

This happened because of the four little Google colored dots that no longer appear. These Google AI suggestions include sending emojis based on the conversation, places to eat, what the weather is like in a certain location, and what’s on at the cinema. While the company has not commented on when this shutdown will go into effect, it clearly shows a decline in Google Assistant prominence. Aside from that, it also shows Google’s growing interest in something Microsoft and OpenAI have come up with, as with a growing number of subscribers, it’s pretty clear that Google’s fate is now in its hands.

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