Google Messages Delivery Indicators rolled out for more beta testers

Delivery indicators for Google Messages, such as WhatsApp, are on their way. Everyone may have known this before since the company started beta testing for this feature. Now the company has expanded the beta test to more users.

Google started beta testing in October 2022 and now more people have participated in this test. Like WhatsApp, the indicator in Google Messages shows a double check mark. However, this feature is currently available to users who signed up for the Google Messages beta program.

Delivery indicators for Google Messages are working

As for how this feature works, it works in the same way WhatsApp Messenger works. When the message is sent, the sender sees one checkmark, but when it is delivered to other users, the sender sees two checkmarks.

Other than this, the app gets another feature called ‘Create Your Profile’. This feature is currently under development. The company is also working on providing users with end-to-end encryption to add an extra layer of security.

At this time, there are no reports on the stable rollout of this new feature. It means we have to wait a few more months to get this feature as it passes beta testing first and then rolls out to everyone.

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