Google launches Microsoft’s AI-powered ChatGPT rival ‘Bard’

Search engine giant Google revealed yesterday that it was launching a chatbot service, a move that is expected to compete with Microsoft’s AI-powered ChatGPT. In a blog post Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, unveiled the chatbot Bard. It would soon be included in the organization’s search engine.

The conversational AI service would be powered by LaMDA, Google’s own AI with the ability to write human-like language. Microsoft extended its relationship with ChatGPT maker OpenAI last month. The chatbot’s ability to generate text has raised major concerns about academic dishonesty and made several professions obsolete.

Some info on ‘Bard:’

Pichai stated in a blog post Monday that Bard will be tested for user feedback ahead of a public release in the coming weeks. Google is also planning to introduce artificial intelligence components to its renowned search engine that answer potentially tough questions.

Referring to AI, Pichai stated, “Bard aims to integrate the richness of the world’s knowledge with the power, intellect, and creativity of our massive language models.” To serve more people, it relies on a version of LaMDA that uses less computing power.

However, it is still uncertain how Bard will differentiate itself from its ChatGPT competitor. A demonstration of the conversational chatbot indicates that it asks for a prompt and warns that its response may be incorrect or erroneous, similar to ChatGPT.

Prior to the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2017, Google was hesitant to make progress on language-based AI due to widespread concerns that the technology was not ready. However, when Microsoft expressed support for OpenAI, assuming it would incorporate ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, Google’s position became increasingly precarious. The search engine company feared that an artificial intelligence-powered Bing would reduce its own popularity.

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