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Google delays launch of its fully custom chip for pixel devices until 2025: reports

According to the latest reports, the search giant Google has postponed the launch of its fully custom chip Pixel devices until 2025. Let me tell you that the company originally planned to release the chip, internally called Redondo, next year to replace the semi-custom chips it is currently designing with Samsung Electronics. However, the launch has been postponed again.

Release of Google Custom Chip for Pixel devices delayed!

A former Google chip manager recently shared that there had been many challenges in retaining employees and coordinating development between US and Indian teams. They are at least somewhat responsible for the delay. The project’s team was quite frustrated by Google’s decision to cancel development of several Tensor chips over the past two years, the outlet’s source said.

According to the report, the tensor The team actually couldn’t manage to get TSMC Redondo’s design by the 2022 deadline for test production. The former Google executive even revealed that Redondo will instead be produced as a test chip that will help Tensor engineers design its new Laguna processor. It’s tipped to be called the Tensor G5 and will be built on TSMC’s 3nm process. The point worth noting is that energy efficiency and performance improvements are in high demand these days. It indirectly means that 3nm chips are in high demand.

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Reports claim that Google will hold Samsung wait another year and wait until 2025 to launch a fully custom chip internally codenamed Laguna. The Laguna chip would be based on TSMC’s 3-nanometer manufacturing process. Arguably, it is currently the world’s most advanced chip making process. The tech giant will also switch from Samsung to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) for making the chips, called Tensors. The world’s largest contract chipmaker has companies like Apple and Nvidia among its clientele.

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