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Google Bard is expanding, new countries, new features, new languages

Google Bard is getting another massive update this week with loads of new features. Google Bard is now expanding to more countries. Bard project lead Jack Krawczyk revealed all about what to expect from Bard’s bumper pack update.

First of all, Bard is now more widely accessible than ever with the Chatbot making its debut in Europe and Brazil. The update means that Bard is now freely available in over 230 countries and territories worldwide.

To cater to a wider global audience, Bard will also be able to communicate in over 40 languages, making it more accessible than ever, regardless of your native language.

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Google Bard is expanding, new countries, new features, new languages

Bard can now read each answer aloud. You can now hear correct pronunciations or listen to a generated poem or script with a specified flow.

Google has also introduced a brand new feature to Bard that allows you to better customize how it responds. You can now customize Bard’s answers to be shorter, longer, simpler, more professional, or casual.

To change Bard’s answers, just look next to the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons at the bottom of the generated answer and click the “Edit” button. You can then select a desired tone for the response and regenerate the results.

You can also pin and rename conversations, export Python code to Replit, and use images in your prompts. Sharing part or all of a conversation with Bard is also easier, with shareable links.

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