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Getting Apple Music on Android in 2023

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Of course, everyone! It is the music that enlivens our world and helps us to concentrate better. Now we have nearly hundreds of subscription-based music streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc.

These subscription-based music streaming services provide access to unlimited, high-quality songs. This article discusses one of the most popular music streaming services – Apple Music – and how to run it on your Android.

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service, just like Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Apple supports it and it is more feature-rich than Spotify or any other music streaming service.

The music app not only allows you to stream on-demand songs from iTunes, but also allows you to manage all your music files from one place.

It doesn’t matter whether you bought the songs from iTunes, downloaded them from the Internet or copied them from a CD; Apple Music is the tool you need to manage them all.

How do I get Apple Music on Android?

Since Apple usually doesn’t launch its app for Android because it’s a competitor, many users may think that Apple Music is only limited to Apple’s ecosystem.

However, this is not true. Apple Music is available for all Apple devices and a native app is also available for Android smartphones.

You can Download the Apple Music app on your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store or third-party app stores.

How to Install Apple Music on Android

The easiest way to install Apple Music on Android is to download it from the Google Play Store. Here are some simple steps to follow install apple music on android.

1. First open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

Google Play Store

2. When the Google Play Store opens, search for Apple Music. Then open the list of Apple Music apps from the list of available results.

Apple Music

3. On the list page of the Apple Music app, tap the to install button to install the app on your Android smartphone.

to install

That is it! That’s how easy it is to install Apple Music on an Android smartphone.

Set up and use Apple Music on Android

After the installation part, you can set up Apple Music on your Android smartphone. Here’s how to set up Apple Music on your Android device.

1. Open your Android app drawer and tap the Apple Music app.

2. When Apple Music opens for the first time, you will be prompted agree to the terms. Tap the Agree knob.


3. Now you will see the Welcome to Apple Music screen. You need to tap on this Get on knob.

Get on

4. You will be prompted to sign in with your existing Apple ID. Press Create a new Apple ID button if you don’t have an Apple ID.

Create a new Apple ID

5. Then fill in the required information to create Apple ID. When you’re done, tap the Next one knob.

Next one

6. After creating a new Apple ID, tap the Join Apple Music button or tap the Try Now button

That is it! It’s that easy to set up Apple Music on an Android smartphone.

How to subscribe to Apple Music?

After creating an Apple ID, you can easily subscribe to Apple Music. To get started, you can opt for a one-month free trial.

Choose from 4 different plans to start the free trial. Choose the plan you want to use, enter your payment method and start the free trial. Below we have shared the Apple Music plans and prices.

Apple Music – Subscriptions and prices

As we mentioned above, Apple Music has four different plans. You should choose the one that suits your budget and meets your music needs. Check out the image below to know the available plans and the prices.

Apple Music - Subscriptions and prices

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription on Android?

You can cancel the subscription if you don’t want to use Apple Music. Here’s how to cancel an Apple Music subscription on Android.

  • First of all, open the Apple Music app on your Android smartphone.
  • Then tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • From the list of options that appears, select ‘Institutions‘.
  • In the Apple Music settings, tap Manage subscriptions.
  • Then tap the Cancel subscriptions and select ‘To confirm

That is it! This will cancel your active Apple Music subscription on Android.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about Apple Music, such as how to transfer music, where the downloads go, etc. Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions about Apple Music for Android.

Can you get Apple Music on Samsung phones?

Be it Samsung or OnePlus; you can download apple music on any android smartphone from google play store. After downloading the Apple Music app, you need to sign in with your Apple ID to manage your music.

Can I download songs from Apple Music?

Yes, with an Apple Music subscription you can download your favorite songs to play offline. You can easily download and play music without an active internet connection.

How many Apple Music subscriptions are available?

Compared to other music streaming services, Apple Music’s subscriptions are quite affordable. There are 4 different plans available and you can cancel an active plan at any time.

Apple Music Android Problems

Like any other Android app, Apple Music for Android can sometimes run into issues. If the app is not working properly, force quit it.

If force stop didn’t help, you can clear Apple Music cache and data file. You can even reinstall the app to fix problems that don’t seem to resolve.

So, this guide is about how to get Apple Music on Android smartphone. If you need more help on how to download Apple Music for Android, let us know in the comments. And if the article helped you, share it with your friends.

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