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Get verified on threads (2 methods)

The new Twitter killer, Threads, is already dominating the social networking section. Threads becomes the first social networking site to gain around 5 million active users within hours of its launch.

That figure broke ChatGPT’s previous record and is now the fastest growing social networking site in the world. Since it was considered as a Twitter alternative, the main question is whether it is possible get a Threads verified profile?

Actually yes! Threads allow you to get verified, but the steps aren’t as easy as you think. So, if you want your Threads profile verified to stand out from the millions of other users, read on.

There are multiple ways to verify Threads account. Below we have shared all the methods get verified on Threads. Let’s start.

1. Get verified on threads using the manual verification method

You can use Instagram’s old fashioned profile verification method to get verified on Threads. Because your Threads and Instagram accounts are connected, get verified on Instagram will also let you automatically verify on Threads.

So, in this method, you should try to get your Instagram account verified. Here’s how to get verified on threads using Instagram.

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android/iPhone.

2. Tap your profile picture in the lower right corner.

profile picture

3. On the profile screen, tap the burger menu top right.

burger menu

4. Select from the menu that appears Settings and privacy.

Settings and privacy

5. Now tap on the search bar at the top and search for Request verification.

6. Open the match result and fill in all details. When you’re done, tap the Submit knob.


That is it! Your verification information will be sent to the Instagram team. Instagram uses your information to determine whether your account meets the verification criteria.

2. Get verified on threads using Meta Verified

If your Instagram account is not verified through the manual process, you can use Meta verification to get verified on Threads. If you don’t know, Meta Verified is a service that verifies your account on Instagram and Threads. This is very similar to Twitter Blue.

So, if you are willing to use Meta Verified to get verified on Threads, follow the steps we shared below.

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2. Now tap on your profile picture in the lower right corner.

profile picture

3. On the profile page, tap the burger menu in the top left corner.

burger menu

4. Select from the menu that appears Meta verified.

Meta verified

5. Now on the Meta Verified screen, tap Subscribe.


6. On the profile confirmation screen, select the Instagram account you use with Threads.

Instagram account

7. On the Set up payment screen, tap the Pay now knob.

Pay now

That is it! Now make the payment and keep checking your email. Meta sends you an email and asks for ID. You must send your government-issued ID within 48 hours to confirm your identity.

After verifying your identity, you will get a blue check mark on your Instagram profile. You will also find the same blue check mark on your Threads profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does verified on threads mean?

Getting a verified badge on a profile helps other users find real accounts. The blue check mark on the profile is usually seen as an identifier for a real account of people and brands.

What happens when you get verified on Threads?

When you are verified on Threads, a new verified badge will appear next to your profile name. This badge confirms that your profile is authentic and has undergone identity verification.

Do you need 1000 followers to get verified?

No! You don’t need at least 1000 followers to get verified on Instagram. Instagram manual verification largely depends on the documents you provide and how you prove you are a public interest person or brand.

Is there a trick to getting verified on Threads for free?

No! There is no trick to getting verified on Threads without providing all relevant documents. You must prove to Meta that you are a public interest person or brand or subscribe to Meta Verified.

Do I need to enable 2FA for Meta Verified?

Yes, 2-factor authentication is a mandatory step that you must complete before requesting verification. 2FA provides additional security to your account. Follow our guide to enable the security feature – Enable two-factor authentication on threads.

What documents do I need to upload for meta verification?

Although Meta Verification is a paid process, you still need to complete identity verification to have your profile verified. You can use your state ID, country ID, passport, or a government-issued verification card.

So these are the two working methods get verified on Threads. You can verify your Threads account to stand out among millions of other users. Don’t forget to share your experience with us about the process of getting your Threads account verified.

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