Gaming can help job seekers get their first job in the UAE

Eighty percent of UAE employers believe they would be more willing to recruit a candidate who is a gamer and has developed a fair amount of problem-solving skills, suggesting that gaming helps young job seekers in the UAE land their first job.

This is evident from research commissioned by YouTube and carried out by census, the top three talents employers look for when hiring members of Generation Z or those with little to no work experience are the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems creatively and remain calm under pressure.

Those born between 1996 and 2012 are considered part of Gen Z and are already making their way into the workforce.

A YouTube commentator from the United Arab Emirates named Rima Al Osta stated that the platform helped her become outgoing and sincere. Her ability to think quickly and react quickly was honed through gaming, she said, and has served her well in her content production efforts and interactions with her audience.

Sixty-three percent of Gen Z gamers in the UAE said they feel better prepared to face workplace challenges as a result of their gaming experiences. While 40% will emphasize it when applying or during job interviews.

A recent US poll of ResumeBuilder revealed an intriguing hidden facet of Generation Z in the workplace. The survey found that 49% of managers find it challenging to manage members of Generation Z, and 79% said this group is the most challenging to deal with. About 59% of companies reported having to lay off a Gen Z employee, and 20% did so during the first week of work.

Jeron van den Elshout, business director of Hays Middle East, believes that many of the skills developed through gaming can be useful in the workplace.

Since many millennial applicants have no work experience, it is important to highlight relevant skills acquired through gaming. For example, Generation Z players can highlight relevant achievements such as high placements or prizes won in competitive gaming events. “They can talk about how gaming has helped them develop skills such as critical thinking, resilience under pressure and teamwork,” he added.

Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at the University of Glasgow, Dr. Matt Barr, claims that gaming teaches players to adapt to stressful situations and improvise solutions.

“We get to see how new strategies can play out, and we learn something that we can bring back to our own gameplay,” says Barr, who is the author of the book Graduate Skills and Game-Based Learning. “We get to see how new strategies can play out,”

Dr. Matt Barr, senior lecturer in computer science at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, said:

“A savvy gamer can see the parallels between what they do in a game and what they should be doing at work or at university or college, and feel confident that they have the tools at their disposal to succeed because they’re doing something. have done.” similar in their favorite game.”

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