Galaxy S23 Ultra users have a WiFi problem – here’s how to fix it

Recently, Samsung released the Galaxy S23 series. Shortly after release, a number of bugs and a screen problem have already been reported. And now many Galaxy S23 Ultra users are reporting that their devices have no internet on Wi-Fi.

Galaxy S23 Ultra users have a Wi-Fi problem – here’s how to fix it

Many users are reporting on Reddit and Samsung Community forums that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has Wi-Fi connection issues. It seems that the phone connects to wifi without internet access. Some users say that the connection does not take long. Most users say that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the only device with this problem and that other devices in their home are working fine.

Some reports claim that this problem only occurs if you have a WiFi 6 router. WiFi 6 or 802.11ax is a new generation of wireless technology and it goes without saying that not everyone has a WiFi 6 router. Many still have older standard routers, while some users have routers with the newer WiFi 6E technology.

How to solve the problem?

Samsung itself has not revealed a solution to the problem. A Samsung representative revealed that the next update would fix the problem. However, some users have shared some ways to solve the problem. Here’s the list,

  • Disabling WiFI 6 and encryption protocol WPA3 resolved the issue for some users.
  • A factory reset also fixed the problem for some Galaxy S23 Ultra users.
  • Disabling the random MAC address and switching to phone MAC solves the problem.

It’s not clear exactly how many units have the problem, but the number doesn’t seem to be small. Some users said they saw the issue on multiple devices.

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