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Fulfill your sleeping dream with little creatures

Four years after it was first announced, the highly anticipated Pokémon Sleep is finally available for download on iOS and Android devices. It tries to make sleep seem more like a game by combining the irresistible desire to catch Pokémon with a human’s fundamental demand to get enough sleep every night. The accessory Pokémon GO Plus + (called Plus Plus) will be released at the same time as Pokémon Sleep. This accessory is compatible with both Pokémon Go and Pokémon Sleep.

Select Button is the company responsible for the development of Pokémon Sleep and Niantic is helping them with that. There are no augmented reality elements worth mentioning, and it’s not clear exactly what “help” Niantic provided. The idea behind this is simple: the better you sleep, the more Pokémon you add to your ‘Sleep Style Pokédex’. That said, there are enough components in this pack that make the activity more of a ‘game’.

The goal of Pokémon Sleep is to capture all the distinctive ways Pokémon doze off. You check your Pokédex every day to see which Pokémon have gathered around a Snorlax and add information about their sleep. After that, your “Sleep Score” will be used when buying snacks and other things for your Pokémon. There’s a lot going on here; this isn’t just a sleep tracker with Pokémon images on it.

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The software requires you to place your phone face down on the bed while you sleep so that it can accurately measure your sleep. Not only does it monitor the patterns you sleep in, but it also tracks any loud noises, such as hiccups or an alarm going off on a car outside.

You can get the Pokémon GO Plus+ accessory, which can track your sleep in a manner analogous to placing your phone on your bed if you’d rather not put your phone there. You can use Pokémon GO by simply pressing a button, despite the fact that it costs a little more than the original Pokémon GO Plus (at $54.99) and performs similarly. Purchasing this item allows additional in-game bonuses to be used with Pokémon Sleep.

The purpose of Pokémon Sleep is more of a game than improving one’s health, but who knows? Perhaps the thought of discovering how your favorite Pokémon use their free time will inspire you to go to bed at a more reasonable hour.

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