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FTC Finalizes $245M Fine Against Epic Games, Here’s How To Get Your Money Back

In December, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hit Fortnite maker Epic Games with the “biggest penalty ever” for violations against children over privacy concerns and tricking children into making purchases. Now FTC is finalizing a $245 million fine against Epic Games for misleading users into unwanted and unknown in-game charges.

FTC Finalizes $245M Fine Against Epic Games, Here’s How To Get Your Money Back

“The Federal Trade Commission has finalized an order requiring Epic Games, the maker of the Fortnite video game, to pay $245 million to consumers to settle allegations that the company used shady patterns to trick players into making unwanted purchases and children to collect unauthorized costs. without any parental involvement.”

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Epic games allow you to make purchases without parental involvement. Epic Games also uses a “counterintuitive, inconsistent, and confusing button configuration” that “resulted in players incurring unwanted charges based on a single button press.”

The FTC completed the portion of the record $245 million fine and said it will be used to issue refunds to affected users.

To make a claim for a Fortnite refund:

  • Go to the FTC’s “Fortnite Refunds” landing page
  • Check the eligibility requirements
  • Check back in the future when the FTC has provided steps to get your refund
  • The FTC says that eligible people should receive an email notification
  • It also reminds people that “the FTC never asks you to pay to file a claim or get a refund. Don’t pay anyone who promises you an FTC refund in exchange for compensation.

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