Foldable iPhone is tilted to automatically protect itself from falling

All smartphone makers are in a race to introduce their foldable smartphones. Apple has not launched one foldable iphone yet it is working on a new technology that will allow iPhones or iPads with flexible screens to detect when they are dropped. Furthermore, the foldable iPhones are tilted to fold directly on the way to the ground to minimize damage. Let’s dive in.

Are you excited about a foldable iPhone?

We all know that the silicon giant has been researching foldable devices for a long time. It’s also taken a pretty deep look at rollable screens. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that all smartphone makers intend to present a larger screen on a small device, but the fact is that it can result in a screen that is potentially vulnerable to damage. We recently got our hands on a newly unveiled patent application called “Self-Retracting Display Device And Techniques For Protecting Screen Using Drop Detection”, which describes ways to protect foldable devices.

The silicon giant says that a potentially delicate hinge is actually a fragile connection to the device, so such technology should be used so that the screen can be detached or folded in such a way as to protect the screen. The interesting piece of information is that it should do this when it detects the need, for example if the device has been dropped. The patent application states:

“Mobile devices with foldable and rollable displays can use a sensor to detect vertical acceleration (e.g. acceleration relative to the ground) to determine if the mobile device has been dropped. If the sensor detects that the mobile device has been dropped… the foldable phone can be at least partially retracted to prevent the fragile screen from hitting the ground.”

It contains two options:

  • withdraw the screen
  • release the screen

Apple further states:

The process may include activating a release mechanism for a hinged connection between a first display and a second display of the electronic device when the vertical acceleration exceeds a predetermined threshold, activating an angle between the first display and the second display below a threshold decreases. angle.”

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