First Visit to a Urology Center

Is it your first visit to a urology center? Since you are new to the process, being a little confused and intimidated is natural. An urologist treats conditions related to male and female urinary tracts and male reproductive organs.

Preparation is the key to a visit to urology office. It will help you get maximum benefits out of your time. Accurate treatment procedure can be recommended only once your urologist gets complete information.

Listed below are some of the preparation tips for visiting a urologist and things to expect on your first visit:

Check In

Upon checking into the urology office, it is good to esquire the office staff about urine sample. Ask them if you require providing a urine sample. In most cases, people require providing one. It is recommended to visit with a full bladder. This will help you provide your sample first without having to delay. Also inform the receptionist that you have a urine sample to provide.

A Questionnaire

Patients are usually asked to fill out a questionnaire. This helps them describe their symptoms. Hence, it is recommended to supply as much detail as possible. It will help to rate the severity of symptoms and prepare a note of the timing. Keeping a close track of this information in advance will help. This needs to be reviewed with urologist. You may also carry a list of queries you may have.


If it is your first urology appointment, it must involve some paperwork too. You need to fill out forms and submit it for further inspection.

Medical History

In an exam room, you will be asked questions related to your medical history. It is important to list any medications you have been taking and their exact dosages. Do not inform the provider about your symptoms Let them know exactly the time you noticed them. The severity of symptoms must be clearly stated.

Physical Examination

Expect to undergo a physical exam. This will be a complete genital exam. Most individuals include a prostate assessment for men. For women, it is a pelvic examination.

Diagnostic Tests

Expect your urologist to request you to undergo some specific tests including:

– Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan

– Computed tomography (CT) scan

Many urologists also rely on sonography. Men with prostate issues must undergo a digital rectal exam. This is a standard test. It facilitates doctor to examine the prostate physically. Some of the other tests may include a urethral swab. This will rule out sexually transmitted diseases and blood work for examining the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level.

Women with recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) are advised to go for a pelvic exam. This is usually conducted along with a urinalysis. It is important to discuss the health issues and symptoms with your physician in detail.

Treatment Recommendations

A urologist helps patients understand their condition in detail. These professionals also offer recommendations for the treatment. Some of the common recommendations include a surgery, medical management, etc. Make sure you are fully informed about all treatment options when leaving the office. Also know about the benefits and potential risks of these options.

If your doctor has referred you to meet a urologist, it is time to take the first step. Do not delay in setting up an appointment at a reputed urology center.

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