Favorite Kids Meals

Parents go through a lot of hassle when it comes to feeding their tots and kids. Most of the kids are picky eaters and parents do not have enough time to fulfill all their cravings. Lunches and dinners seem to be battle with kids and food and parents feel exhausted by the end of it. Time and again, we try some nice snacks and design meals that can take the attention of our dear kids and in efforts of feeding them, worrying about their health, we sometimes ignore the nutrition value of the meals too. We always need a good stock of nutritious, kid-friendly recipes that we can try so that our kids are not bored of the monotonous items each day. The Internet is our go-to-resource to get all the nice recipes conveniently. So, subscribe to one of the Spectrum Internet Deals for endless recipes for your kids.

One of the toughest things about trying to cook for these little people is to figure out meal options that the kids will actually love. Meal planning becomes impossible with even a single picky eater around. We are here to help you with some fun and easy options for your kids. You can always twist the ingredients slightly as per the taste and choice of your children. But always remember to keep the nutrition value intact for your kids to stay healthy. Take inspiration from these amazing options to design your weekend meals.

1. Pizzas

We all know that kids never say NO to pizza. You can try all different recipes of pizzas for dinners and they will never say no to it. Just make sure that you use healthy ingredients for them to stay healthy and active. Along with their favorite mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, always add a good amount of healthy veggies such as olives, broccoli, tomatoes, onion, capsicum, and so on. If you serve your kids with a bowl of veggies to eat, they would never eat it. So, trying all these different pizza recipes is a good idea.


2. Burgers

Favorite Kids Meals BergerBurgers are also a great idea when it comes to kids. Little people love those buns and fillets and you can never go wrong with burgers. If you are that parent who is worried about her kids being all thin and suffering from malnutrition, try home-made burgers for them. Add a good amount of cheese and veggies like onions, tomatoes, iceberg lattice, to provide them all the essential nutrients. Experiment different recipes of fillets from chicken to beef, to fish, and so on. Burgers are considered unhealthy but if you use the right ingredients, they wouldn’t do any harm. For the weekends, it’s the best pick.

3. Spaghetti

Favorite Kids Meals pastaKids love all sorts of noodles, macaroni, pasta, spaghetti, so on and so forth. Every parent knows how a child becomes super excited every time he hears that pasta is in the making. Try all different recipes with meat, mince, and add lots of cheese and veggies to make them full of nutrition. You can different sauces to add variety every time. We will emphasize the need of adding veggies into anything that you make for kids. Let their taste buds be accustomed to the taste of veggies because they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for them.


4. Everything that involves Cheese and Chicken

Favorite Kids Meals chickenAs a general rule, remember kids are going to love everything that has chicken and cheese. Try making all different snacks like rolls, tacos, nachos, wraps that have a chicken and cheese. Keep the nutrition levels high by adding veggies. You have to be creative at improvising new recipes every time and you can do this. With a little twist in ingredients, you can make amazing little treats for your kids.



5. Sweet Treats

Favorite Kids Meals sweetSweets are a kid’s best friend. From cakes to muffins, to chocolate-filled desserts, to nutty bars, to ice cream, and waffles and what not, sweets are favorite snacks for kids of all ages. You can give them these sweet treats on weekends and try to keep the calories low. Try making pies with cream and fruits to add nutritional value to them. Try cutting fruits such as watermelons and mangoes in different fun shapes and attach sticks with them to make them Popsicle. These creative things will attract. Adding raw fruits to their diet is an amazing idea. You can also make trifles with cream, cheese, and lots of fruits like apples, pineapples, grapes, and so on as per your children’s tastes.

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