Epic is stopping Rumbleverse – A refund will be issued

Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, are shutting down a melee-based battle royale game called Rumbleverse. The company released the game in August 2022 and now, in January 2023, the game is already being killed. Rumbleverse will shut down on February 28 at 10am CST. The developer Iron Galaxy Studios and publisher Epic Games announced the end of the game just six months after its launch.

Epic is shutting down Rumbleverse – A refund will be issued

The free-to-play online game is an amalgamation of fighter, brawler and pro wrestling. After February, the game will close its servers and Rumbleverse will no longer be playable.

The game launched on August 11, 2022 for the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store and GeForce Now. The game offers cross-play and cross-progression across the various platforms.

Rumbleverse is all about creating a character called a champion and customizing it with creative outfits, skins, and physical attributes. Up to 40 players are dropped on the map called Grapital City and beat each other until one person remains the winner.

Rumbleverse is currently working on Season 2 of the Battle Pass. Players can no longer purchase the Battle Pass. There were two types of Battle Pass purchase options. The Premium Battle Pass would have cost 1,000 Brawlla Bills and the Battle Pass+ would have cost 2,400 Brawlla Bills, including 20 levels unlocked.

There will be one last update for the game, which is out now. The game has unlocked the Battle Pass for all players. The company has removed the in-game store. All players can earn double experience points until the end of the game to level up faster and unlock more items in the Battle Pass. The game also unlocked the free content for all players, such as accessories and emotes.

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