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Enable and use Street View in Google Maps

Android and iPhone have hundreds of navigation apps, but Google Maps dominates the navigation section by offering many benefits.

Google Maps is built into Android smartphones so you can navigate the world – online and offline. You also get an option to download maps (offline maps). Offline maps help you access navigation when your phone is not connected to the internet.

Google Maps also offers useful navigation features, such as sharing real-time location with other Google users, checking the air quality index, and more.

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You may have seen many users using Google Maps with a Street View feature. But have you ever wondered what Street View is in Google Maps? What does it do? and how it is useful?

This article explains what Google Maps Street View is and how you can enable it and use it to your advantage. Let’s start.

What is Street View in Google Maps

Street View is a useful feature of Google Maps. It’s something that can help you better navigate your world.

The feature is new now, but limited to a few countries in its original state. But recently, Google has rolled out Street View to other countries, including India.

So this feature merges billions of panoramic images to visually represent your surroundings on Google Maps. The content required comes from two different sources: Google and Contributors.

It brings 360° images to Google Maps that help you know where to go and what to expect while travelling. When you are not traveling, you can use it to explore famous landmarks, galleries, museums and travel destinations.

Enable Street View in Google Maps

Google Maps Street View was previously available in many countries but has recently been rolled out in India. This means if you live in India, now you can check out the Street View for a location next to a card.

The map displays the position and viewpoint as shown in the Street View window. Here’s how to use the feature.

1. Open the Google Play Store and search for Google Maps. Then tap the ‘Update‘ button (if available) to update the app.


2. Now pull down your notification shutter and enable the ‘Place‘ access.


3. After enabling location access, open it Google Maps app on your phone.

4. In the top right corner of the screen, tap the Layers icon.


5. In the Card Details section, tap ‘Street view‘.

Street view

6. You will now find Blue lines on the map that indicates the Street View coverage.

Blue lines on the map

That is it! Here’s how to enable Street View in the Google Maps app.

Using Street View in Google Maps

If you’re using Street View for the first time, it can be difficult to use the app. Follow our shared steps to learn more about using Street View in Google Maps.

1. To enter Google Maps Street View mode, tap a displayed blue line in the Maps.

Blue lines on the map

2. The Google Maps interface switches to split view mode – at the top are stree view. And at the bottom you see the map and a placemark.

tree view

3. You need to tap on the marketplace and drop it in the location you want to access at Street View.

drop it in the location you want to access

4. If you drop the placemark on the location, the Street View changes immediately.

5. To explore Street View in full screen, tap expand icon below.

expand icon

6. You can too zoom in/out on Street View. To do this, squeeze open/close on the screen.

zoom in/out on Street View

That is it! Here’s how to use Street View mode in the Google Maps app.

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Street View is a very exciting Google Maps feature that brings your map to life. This feature allows you to explore the world no matter where you are virtually. So this is all about enabling and using Street View in the Google Maps app. Be sure to use this feature for additional benefits.

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