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Education Minister asks HEC to withdraw notification after Twitter outcry over Holi celebration

For anyone who doesn’t know, Salman Sufi heads the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Strategic Reform Unit. According to him, Education Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain recently asked HEC Pakistan to withdraw a report that was foreign to the Hindu festival of Holi celebration at a Pakistani university.

Sufi tweeted after the media reported the report:

“Talked to Rana Tanveer Sahib, and he has taken stern notice of HEC’s notice about discouraging religious festivals and asked them to withdraw it”

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The point worth noting is that the notice was sent to Vice Chancellors and Heads of Institutions by HEC Executive Director Shaista Sohail. In the letter, the HEC claimed that the “widely reported/publicized” Holi event by a university’s platform had raised concerns. It was said to have adversely affected the country’s image. It was said that:

“It is heartbreaking to see activities completely detached from our socio-cultural values ​​and a decline in the country’s Islamic identity.”

Let me tell you that the HEC letter did not name the university in question. In one of the videos surfacing on social media, we see students dancing and throwing colors with loud music playing in the background. According to activist Ammar Ali Jan, the committee should be more concerned about the “bleak state of education” in Pakistan. He stated that Pakistani universities are not even in the top 1,000 yet. HEC is more concerned about students celebrating Holi. Such misplaced priorities are the reason for the intellectual/moral decline we see in society. What do you think of that?

There were no further words on this matter yet. Let’s see what comes next. Stay tuned!

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