Does FB Messenger really drain your phone’s battery? Let’s find out!

Facebook Messenger is one of the best communication apps designed by Meta. However, it seems that his immense popularity and usage don’t stop him from doing shady things. It recently emerged from a report, according to which a former Meta employee sued the company, alleging that FB messenger purposefully drains customers’ phone batteries while disguised as feature tests. The former employee further claimed that he was fired from the company after objecting to this practice as harmful and refusing to participate in it.

A new revelation by former Meta employee regarding FB Messenger Sparks users

George Hayward, a 33-year-old data scientist, is said to have worked on Facebook’s popular Messenger chat application, according to an investigation by the New York Post. In addition, the report claims that Hayward alleged in a lawsuit against the company that he had discovered an internal training manual titled “How to Conduct Thoughtful Negative Tests” that contained examples of experiments where users’ batteries were purposefully and surreptitiously drained under the guise of of testing. specific app features. Hayward points out that the procedure is known as “negative testing.” Additionally, according to the report, Hayward said:

I have never seen a more horrible document in my career. I said to the manager, this may harm someone, and she said that by inflicting some damage we can help the greater masses… I refused to take this test. As it turns out, if you tell your boss, “No, that’s illegal,” it doesn’t go over very well, he added.

However, the report provides no additional details about the document Hayward cited.

The ex-employee apparently denies knowing the exact number of people affected by this technique, but he believes Facebook is involved because of its internal training module. According to the details, Hayward sued Meta in Manhattan Federal Court, seeking an undetermined amount of damages, but that complaint has now been dropped as Hayward had to attend arbitration, according to his attorney, who also said Hayward still stands by his claims .

People are often at risk when their cell phone battery runs out, especially “in situations where they need to communicate with others, including but not limited to the police or other rescue services,” according to the case facing Meta.

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