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Discover the benefits of this new Chrome Incognito feature

After a recent update in Google Chrome functionality, users can now take screenshots even in Incognito mode. However, Incognito mode still doesn’t appear in Recents. We all know that screenshots bring a lot of convenience, especially to remember something for later use. They can also be used as a means of transmitting information.

In this regard, technology expert Mishal Rehman said in a tweet:

Chrome for Android is preparing to let you take screenshots of incognito tabs. Added a new Chrome flag called “Enhanced Incognito Screenshots” that says “enable[s] Incognito screenshots on Android except when the user is enabled [the] recent screen.

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Pre-update screenshots in Google Incognito

Before this update, users couldn’t take a screenshot in Google’s Incognito mode, but now it looks like Google is taking steps to become more screenshot-friendly. Previously, when you took a screenshot in Incognito, you ended up with a completely blank black screen. However, it was possible to get around that with the chrome://flags/#incognito screenshot. Enabling this flag will also make the Incognito tab preview visible in your smartphone’s Recents tab.

With this new update, you can easily take screenshots manually in incognito mode, but they still won’t appear on a screen while scrolling through your recent apps.

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