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DeafTawk partners with Dialog Axiata to launch operations in Sri Lanka

To bring the deaf and hard of hearing closer to their communities, Dialog Axiata PLC announced the launch of a trilingual version of the internationally renowned sign language interpreter app ‘DeafTawk’ in Sri Lanka, a first in the country.

GSMA, an organization that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide, was instrumental in connecting DeafTawk and Dialog for this partnership. As a result of this partnership, DeafTawk, a Pakistan-based start-up focused on providing communication solutions to deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, joins
hands with Dialog Axiata PLC, a mobile network operator in Sri Lanka, focused on expanding the network infrastructure and delivering innovative products and services to its customers.

The DeafTawk app was launched at an event in the Dialog building with attendees with hearing impairments and sign language interpreters. The DeafTawk app provides a real-time sign language solution at the user’s fingertips, interoperating with over 50 interpreters. The app offers users a choice of talk time at very affordable package prices.

Dialog customers can use the app without any data charges and also have the option of using the add-to-bill feature for the time packages. The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded by anyone, but data charges may apply to non-Dialog customers.

Supun Weerasinghe, Group Chief Executive of Dialog Axiata PLC, said of the launch: “We are delighted to launch the localised, trilingual version of the DeafTawk app in Sri Lanka. This app is a game changer for the deaf and hard of hearing[1]limited community, providing them with a real-time sign language solution for them to use
can be used within reach. The launch of the DeafTawk app is a testament to the company’s commitment to creating a more inclusive society where everyone has access to the latest technology.”

Ali Shabbir, CEO of DeafTawk, noticed

“At DeafTawk, we are on a mission to empower 466 million deaf people around the world, and we are thrilled to partner with Dialog to launch our operations in Sri Lanka, which we believe will take us one step closer to achieve our goal. We look forward to bridging the communication gap and being the voice of the deaf community in Sri Lanka. We are hopeful in our efforts as we thrive to make the world inclusive for all.”

Chammi Dias, Chief of Sign Language Interpreters of the Department of Social Services and Parliament of Sri Lanka stated: “According to the Department of Population and Statistics in Sri Lanka, more than 500,000 deaf people lived on the island in 2012[1]wide. Deaf people usually need the help of a sign language interpreter to communicate not only with society, but in some cases even with family members. I believe communication can be easier, more efficient and faster using the DeafTawk app.”

The partnership between DeafTawk and Dialog marks a critical step in bridging the communication gap for Sri Lanka’s deaf communities and a step towards an inclusive world.

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