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Daraz launches Daraz Advertising Solution (DAS)

Daraz has officially launched Daraz Advertising Solution (DAS), a full-funnel advertising suite for merchants and brands registered on the platform. With more than 27 million monthly active users, Daraz is now Pakistan’s fourth largest platform, and through DAS, it will introduce the country’s third wave of digital advertising, which will offer the first self-service advertising tool launched by a local e-commerce platform. commerce brand. Initially, DAS will offer three types of onsite and offsite advertising options to partner brands and merchants:

Daraz Display Ads: Reach the 2 million+ audience on the platform, visited daily.

Daraz Sponsored Search: Engage and convert high-intent users and beat the competition with native presence.

External ads: Drive more targeted audiences to stores through ads on third-party platforms such as Facebook Collab Ads and Google Ads.

Daraz records more than 100 million searches

As large-scale platforms become more saturated and plan to phase out third-party cookies, firsthand data is of tremendous value to advertisers, while ecommerce platforms allow them to target their customers in much more granularity based on buyer personas, demographics and preferences. Retail media is the fastest growing advertising solution worldwide due to the fact that most advertising takes place around or near the point of purchase.

Daraz records more than 100 million searches on the platform every month. With Daraz Sponsored Search, all sellers get a level playing field to bid on their respective keywords and increase their conversion goals from the largest in-market audience in Pakistan. Brands can create campaigns through their existing Daraz Seller Center account. Within the campaign, they can select the products they want to boost in search results and bid on keywords through a real-time bidding model. DAS already has leading brands on board, including P&G, Reckitt, Nestlé, Dawlance and Haier.

“Retail advertising has exploded in popularity worldwide and has become one of the most efficient marketing tools as it attracts high-intent buyers close to the point of purchase, increasing ad conversion rates and sales. Innovation is a core driver of Daraz’s DNA and we are excited to introduce the new wave of advertising in Pakistan. Over the years, we have built the largest audience for a homegrown platform, and we are confident that our insights will help brands achieve maximum efficiency and growth.” said Muhammad Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Daraz Pakistan.

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