CSS 2023 test paper sparks social media debate

There is no doubt that the CSS research is regarded as Pakistan’s best competitive exam. Thousands of students apply for this exam every year. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it an elite exam. The students who prepare for this test spend months and even years to perform best in the CSS exam, as those who manage to complete it are selected for bureaucratic positions in the federal government. Due to the preeminent and elitist nature of the exam, along with its importance to the running of the country’s civil service, it is not at all surprising that people have high expectations of the examining body and the questions asked in its tests. This year, however, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) sparked a heated debate on social media on the very first day of the CSS2023 exam by asking students to write an essay about “boys will be boys”. The topic of one of the “boys will be boys” essays has divided the internet.

One of the essay topics in CSS 2023 has left the internet divided

There is currently a discussion going on on the internet on the subject of “Boys will be boys”. Some applicants and academia say the question was too absurd after long, hard hours of studying for the exam. On the other hand, however, some people feel that the topic in the paper was a much-needed shift away from rote learning. Overall, then, the responses to the essay topics were a mixture of shock and amusement.

Some people even said that the topic of the essay in question and others in the CSS paper earlier today was a poor selection. It has been said that the topic was a poor reflection of the agency responsible for selecting candidates for the highest civilian positions in the country. let’s see some tweets:

However, a few people also defended the examining body, calling the paper an “interesting one”.

What do you think of the CSS Paper 2023? What do you think are such topics that are suitable for testing the CSS students? Share it with us in the comment section. Stay tuned!

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