CM Balochistan inaugurates e-grievance cell to address public grievances

In this modern era, technology can play a key role in solving the problems of the masses. Yesterday, Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, the Prime Minister of Balochistan, inaugurated the e-grievance cell formed in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. Originally, the e-complaints cell consisted of the health, education, municipal and household departments. Moreover, according to reports, other provincial ministries and mobile applications will also be included in the e-complaint cell in the future.

Every public complaint received by the CM’s e-complaint cell is updated in the systems of the relevant departments so that action can be taken quickly. Bizenjo stated that the Chief Minister’s office was a public office and our aim was to address the public’s complaints and resolve the concerns of the people as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the minister stated that the purpose of establishing the Complaints Cell was to take prompt action on public concerns and resolve these issues immediately. In addition, complaints received by the Chief Minister’s Secretariat will be manually updated in this cell. He has instructed the public to submit their complaints to the e-complaints cell so that they can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

In addition, the person submitting the complaint will be able to provide information about the specific complaint that has been submitted, and the manual complaint forms will be updated on the e-grievance cell, a concerned official said.

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