Chrome Beta 111 Unveils Improved Picture-in-Picture Display All web content, not just videos

Reports claim that the latter Chrome beta version 111 comes with a trial version of a feature that could make the Chrome browser’s picture-in-picture feature significantly more useful. The good news is that Google is considering displaying all web content in a floating window instead of just videos. The notable point here is that it stays on top of all your other windows. The all-new feature to make Google Chrome Picture-in-picture mode much better is dubbed “Documenting picture-in-picture”

Chrome Beta 111 includes “Document Picture-in-Picture” function

François Beaufort, a Chromium developer, stated:

“The Document Picture-in-Picture API makes it possible to open an always-on-top window that can be populated with arbitrary HTML content. It extends the existing Picture-in-Picture API for a video that only allows an HTML video element to be placed in a Picture-in-Picture window.

However, it’s easy to envision entire applets that also benefit from the API. Let me tell you that there is a Pomodoro website that already uses this feature with supported browsers. The fact is that absolutely everyone will use a website that provides a picture-in-picture notebook or to-do list. Google also suggests that the Chrome feature can be used to display a playlist for your music as well, for example.

Screenshot of a picture-in-picture Pomodoro timer.

If many websites start using picture-in-picture for the entire document, it would no doubt be nice to see the feature come to browsers with non-Chromium engines. However, it is not yet known whether that will happen or not. This is one of the questions the developers asked teams associated with Firefox and Safari. However, they did not receive a definitive answer.

According to the Chrome Platform Status tracker, the feature would be trialled until Chrome 115, which will be released sometime in June. After that, developers will decide how to proceed. To enable support for this feature, you can enable the flag by following these steps:

  • Slices chrome://flags/#document-picture-in-picture-api in your URL bar
  • to elect enabled from the drop-down menu
  • There probably won’t be many sites that support this, but you might come across a few

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