Chrome adds biometric authentication to keep Password Manager secure

Google Chrome just made itself more secure by adding biometric authentication. To prevent hacking, our online accounts require a unique and secure access code. However, it is impossible to remember all those passwords. A password manager is essential to remember all your login details. There are hundreds of applications you can choose from to keep your credentials safe. Though many people prefer Chrome’s built-in password manager. Now Google is making this built-in system more secure by adding biometric authentication to desktop and laptop versions of Chrome.

Chrome adds biometric authentication to keep Password Manager secure

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Google’s password manager keeps all your passwords safe on your mobile phones and on your desktops. We can easily store passwords in web browsers to access so many of our websites and accounts, whose passwords are stored in web browsers.

Now, if your computer has an attached or integrated biometric authentication system, such as a fingerprint reader or face scanner, you can use it to access credentials stored in Chrome’s Password Manager. This is almost identical to the experience on Android phones and tablets when accessing saved passwords via Chrome or under Settings -> Passwords & Accounts -> Google.

The feature is compatible with the latest Mac devices and other devices that contain fingerprints. It will soon be available on these devices. However, we are not yet sure if this feature will be available for Windows Hello, which requires facial recognition. We will receive more information about this in the coming weeks.

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