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ChatGPT for Android: Now available on the Google Play Store

OpenAI has announced that the standalone ChatGPT app will be available for download on Android smartphones starting next week. The app was initially released for iOS in May. At the time the software was released for iOS devices, ChatGPT made the following announcement: “PS Android users, you’re next! ChatGPT will soon be available to use on your various devices.

And just as promised, OpenAI just revealed in a recent tweet that ChatGPT will be rolling out to Android device users next week. The app is currently accessible at Google Play Store for pre-registration. Pre-registered users have the option to have their ChatGPT app load immediately as soon as it is available on the app store, despite the fact that the software is free. Therefore, it is expected to go live in the US market next week, just like the iOS app.

Despite pre-registration being accessible, the Google Play Store listing for ChatGPT gives the impression that the application will soon be available in certain countries such as India. The application will be available for other countries as soon as possible.

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Besides being free software, the Play Store description of this app notes that it syncs your history across all your devices and gets the latest model updates released by OpenAI. When ChatGPT becomes available for Android devices, the main features that will be available to users are: instant answers, tailored advice, creative encouragement, professional user input, and learning opportunities.

OpenAI Partners with the White House to Establish Effective AI Governance In a major development, OpenAI, a prominent artificial intelligence (AI) player, has unveiled its partnership with the White House to establish robust AI governance in the United States and globally. This announcement comes as AI technologies continue to proliferate among tech giants, raising concerns about the need for effective regulation and oversight. Known for cutting-edge advances in AI research and development, OpenAI recognizes the importance of using AI responsibly. By working with the White House, the organization aims to address the challenges associated with AI governance and ensure its responsible use across industries. The partnership between OpenAI and the White House underscores the growing recognition of the need for comprehensive AI policies.

As AI technologies are increasingly integrated into our daily lives, concerns about privacy, ethics and possible biases come to the fore. Establishing effective governance mechanisms is crucial to mitigate these risks and ensure that AI benefits society as a whole. While details of the collaboration are not being disclosed, OpenAI’s expertise and insights are expected to help shape AI policies and regulations. Working closely with the White House, OpenAI strives to create an environment that encourages innovation while upholding ethical standards and protecting public interests. OpenAI’s decision to coordinate with the White House reflects a broader trend among tech companies to work with policymakers and regulators to shape. In a significant show of collaboration and commitment, OpenAI, in partnership with industry giants such as Google, Meta, Amazon, Anthropic, Inflection, and Microsoft, has pledged to adhere to responsible practices in the development of artificial intelligence.

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