ChatGPT CEO Feels Terrible After Bug User Chats Leaked

ChatGPT recently suffered from a bug that leaked user conversations. When dealing with this problem, ChatGPT CEO said he felt terrible after the company’s popular AI tool, ChatGPT, suffered a bug that leaked users’ conversation history.

ChatGPT CEO says a fix has been released for the bug

Let me tell you that Sam Altman co-founded OpenAI in 2015. He recently wrote in a tweet that ChatGPT had a “significant problem” caused by a bug in an open source library. However, he did not name the open-source library or go into details about how OpenAI implemented it. The term clearly refers to code or software that is actually free for anyone to reuse and sometimes even modify.

ChatGPT CEO stated that the bug allowed some ChatGPT users to check the titles of other users’ conversation histories, but not the conversations themselves. One Reddit user even posted a screenshot of chats on ChatGPT that they said they never actually had. He claimed:

“We feel bad about this. OpenAI has since released a fix for the bug.”

On Monday, the company temporarily shut down ChatGPT due to this issue. Although users were still unable to access chat history on Monday night at Pacific Time. Altman stated that the company planned to conduct a tech autopsy, which would prevent users from accessing their chat history from Monday 1am PT to Monday 10am PT. However, he did not give more details.

The point worth noting is that OpenAI recently launched the latest version of ChatGPT on March 14th. ChatGPT-4 is the new version capable of understanding images and having longer conversations. This is even tipped to be more accurate and creative than GPT-3.5. The new update is claimed to pass the bar exam and score top marks on AP exams.

Due to the recent bug issue, Amazon, Walmart, and Microsoft have warned their staff when entering confidential information into ChatGPT due to privacy concerns. According to reports, banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup have also restricted employees’ use of the AI ​​tool.

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