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ChatGPT Bot can even pass Law & Business School exams

ChatGPT, a chatbot from Open AIwas already gaining popularity over the internet, but has now achieved another feat as artificial intelligence.

A challenging investigation was made into it, in which the professor had to give Exams for law and business administration to ChatGPT to pass out, and this bot successfully passed exams at a American law school.

ChatGPT passed Law & Business exams at a US law school

ChatGPT passed Law & Business exams at a US law school

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and created a huge hype among its users in just one month. Since this chatbot shows results of questions asked based on data from the internet, the researcher wants to test how accurate it is.

Called a professor dr. Jonathan Choi of Minnesota University Law School issued an exam to ChatGPT titled “ChatGPT goes to law school”.

And this test contains the same difficult set of questions students face, and there were just that 95 multiple choice questions and 12 essay questions.

The chatbot wrote fluent essays on topics like constitutional law and taxation, as it has impeccable grammar, but fell behind on multiple-choice questions, perhaps due to math.

Overall, the ChatGPT scored C+ on the test, which is enough to pass. The examiner also noted that the results have been awesomeand he hadn’t expected much good from it.

While some officials in New York and other jurisdictions have already banned ChatGPT in schools, so students cannot use this Chatbot in schools, and this decision came because of the chance of cheating.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a useful tool for students; it can help students practice in mock exams.

Now let’s discuss some ChatGPT origin details. As I mentioned above, this ChatGPT bot is developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company working on various AI technologies and programs.

And most recently, tech giant Microsoft has also funded this company to develop this kind of AI program.

OpenAI’s another famous AI program already exists, an AI image generator and it’s called DALL-E, and the upgraded version will be released very soon DALL-E 2.

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