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Can Nothing Phone 2 reach the innovation of the iPhone and beat it in design and popularity?

The Nothing Phone 1 launched last year made headlines mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the cliché associated with the name and secondly, the unique sparkling design. The glyph interface amused many smartphone enthusiasts around the world. Consequently, the Nothing Phone 1 made headlines in several markets, including Western markets that we don’t normally see from a new company.

Following the success, the company has now launched the second version of the smartphone, the Nothing Phone 2. The new smartphone comes with some great improvements, including changes in the glyph interface.

The Phone 2 has a unique design with a transparent Gorilla Glass back that shows internal components such as the magnetic charging coil and power cables, in cool shapes like an elephant. It features an LED Glyph interface with 11 lights and gradient effects. The Phone 1 had continuous LED strips, but the Phone 2’s LEDs are divided into six parts. Nothing OS 2.0 allows you to create custom Glyph ringtones. If you want more control over flashing lights, consider upgrading or use the Glyph Composer app on the Phone 1 for similar functionality.

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These are impressive little upgrades that many smartphone users love. You don’t see this type of design with other smartphones and that is certainly the USP (unique selling point) of Nothing Phones.

We can’t be sure that Nothing Phone 2 will take the iPhone’s place or beat it in popularity in the near future. However, if Nothing continues to make such innovative smartphones, we may see a turnaround in the later years. As we know, every rise has a fall and some innovations can lead to glory.

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