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Bypass Twitter Speed ​​Limit (7 Methods)

There’s a reason why the Threads app went viral within hours of its launch. Threads offer what Twitter does, but it’s lighter and has no restrictions.

After the acquisition by Elon Musk, the functionality of Twitter has been adjusted and new rules have been drawn up. After the verified blue check fiasco, Elon Musk now puts a speed limit on the number of tweets a user can view per day.

What is the new Twitter speed limit?

The actual reason for the rate limit is unknown; it could be to reduce server load, maintain stability, or motivate users to get verified on Twitter.

Whatever the reason, the new Twitter rate limits are disappointing. The current rate limits on Twitter are:

  • 500 messages for new unauthenticated accounts.
  • 1000 messages for unauthenticated accounts.
  • 10,000 messages for verified accounts.

Let’s say you just joined Twitter and don’t have the blue verified badge on your account; you can view only 500 messages daily.

If you exceed the rate limit, you see errors like “Cannot retrieve tweets at the moment‘ or ‘Speed ​​limit exceeded‘.

This annoying speed limit is another reason why people use Threads and find it useful.

How to bypass the Twitter speed limit?

There is actually not one, but many different ways to do that bypass the Twitter speed limit. However, the speed limit is set from the server side; there is no guarantee which method will work to get around the limit. Therefore, you should try them one by one until the speed limit is bypassed.

Important: Until you use a bot or scrape data from public Twitter profiles, you’re unlikely to hit the speed limit. So make sure you don’t bypass the malintent restrictions.

1. Bypass the Twitter speed limit using the old Twitter extension

Bypassing the speed limit on Twitter is easy, especially if you use it in your desktop web browser. You must use the old Twitter Chrome extension to restore the old Twitter layout.

The old Twitter layout works without restrictions and you don’t get the speed limit error anymore. The extension is available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Here’s how to use it.

Remark: We used Google Chrome to demonstrate the steps. You need to install the extension in your web browser and follow the same procedure.

1. Open the Google Chrome web browser and go to the Old Twitter format extension page.

2. On the extension page, click the Add to Chrome knob.

Add to Chrome

3. Click in the confirmation prompt Add extension.

Add extension

4. Once the extension is installed, open twitter.com to get the old twitter layout.

old twitter layout

5. You can also customize the old Twitter layout. To do that, click on the old Twitter Layout extension icon and select Open Settings.


6. Now you can Making changes to the old Twitter layout.

Making changes

That is it! This is how you can use the old Twitter layout to get around the rate limit on the platform.

2. Bypass the Twitter speed limit with Opera GX Browser

Opera GX is a gaming web browser that offers an unparalleled gaming and browsing experience on mobile and desktop.

The web browser has many gaming features and can bypass Twitter speed limit errors. The great thing is that the web browser is available for both desktop and smartphones and works without changing the Twitter layout.

If you don’t want to use an extension to get around the rate limit on Twitter, you can use the OperaGX web browser. Here’s what to do.

1. Open your favorite web browser and download the OperaGX Browser. You can use the Opera GX browser on your mobile by installing it from the official Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Opera GX

To download: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

2. Once downloaded, install the web browser and open it.

install the web browser

3. Visit the Twitter. com website and Sign in with your account.

Sign in

You can scroll through your Twitter feed without any speed limit errors once you sign up.

3. Bypass the Twitter speed limit on mobile

You may get the Twitter speed limit on the mobile app if you scroll through the feed too fast. So if you encounter a Rate Limit Exceeded error on the Twitter mobile app, you need to follow these steps.

1. If you are getting the Twitter Rate Limit Exceeded error on the mobile app, try using Twitter in a web browser. Likewise, if the problem appears in the web browser, you must use Twitter by installing it mobile phone application. You must use the one that does not show the rate limit.

2. If Twitter’s web version and mobile app prevent you from scrolling through the feed, download and install the Opera GX web browser.

4. Install Twitter as Progressive Web App on Android

Usually opening the web version of Twitter clears the speed limit error. You can try installing the Twitter website as a progressive web app on your smartphone. Twitter Progressive Web App is lightweight and easily bypasses the Twitter speed limit. Here’s what to do.

1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your smartphone.

2. Now, visit Twitter. com and log in to your Twitter account.

3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Select from the menu that appears Install app.

install app

4. In the confirmation prompt for installing the app, tap the to install knob.

to install

5. Twitter Progressive Web App will be installed on your phone. You can find the icon on the home screen.

icon on the home screen

That is it! Whenever you get the rate limit, you need to open the Twitter Progressive Web App.

5. Install Twitter as Progressive Web App on iPhone

Like Android, iPhone also supports installing progressive web apps from web browsers. You can bypass the Twitter speed limit on iPhone by following these simple steps.

  • Open the Safari web browser and visit Twitter.com.
  • Tap the Share icon at the bottom and select Add to Home Screen.
  • On the confirmation prompt for installing the app, tap Install.

That is it! Within seconds, the Progressive Web App for Twitter will be installed and added to your iPhone’s home screen. You can now use it to bypass the Twitter speed limit on iOS.

6. Browse Twitter with Twitter Viewer

You can use third-party Twitter apps or web services to browse Twitter without logging into your account. TweetDeck used to be one such service, but Twitter has taken over.

You can use Tweetdeck to manage your Twitter accounts. On Tweet deckyou need to add multiple columns that you want to check and then view them.

Tweet deck

The speed limit error does not appear while using the Tweetdeck in a web browser. To use the site, open your favorite web browser and visit this web page.

Now log in with your Twitter account and click the Add some columns button. That is it! Now you can view and manage multiple columns of Twitter feed without any rate limit.

7. Create another Twitter account

Create another Twitter account

If none of the methods worked for you, now is a good time to create an alternate Twitter account.

The rate limit is implemented on the account. So if you’re out of luck, you can create another Twitter account and view the feed.

However, remember that new unverified Twitter accounts only have a 500 post limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter Rate Limit Removed?

No! Twitter Rate Limit still hasn’t been removed, but the company has increased the number of Tweets users can view. Originally it was 6,000 for authenticated users, 600 for unauthenticated users, and 300 for new unauthenticated users.

After receiving criticism, Elon Musk modified the change and introduced a new rule. The current rule allows viewing 10,000 messages for authenticated users, 1,000 messages for unauthenticated users, and 500 messages for new unauthenticated users.

How do I get out of the rate cap on Twitter?

We’ve mentioned several methods to get below the rate cap on Twitter. The simplest solution is to switch the platform you are using. For example, if you use the Twitter app, you can try out the web version of Twitter in a mobile web browser.

Why was the rate limit implemented on Twitter?

According to Twitter, the speed limit was introduced to detect and eliminate bots and other bad actors that harm the platform. The company is trying to prevent accounts from scraping public Twitter data to build AI models and manipulate conversations on the platform in various ways.

How do I know if I’ve reached my daily rate limit on Twitter?

On Twitter you will find out if you have reached the daily rate limit. When reaching the daily rate limit, you will see errors such as ‘Rate limit exceeded’ or ‘Unable to retrieve tweets at this time’.

When will the Twitter speed limit be reset?

The speed limit for viewing messages resets every 24 hours. So if you encounter an error while viewing messages, you have to wait for a few hours or create another Twitter account.

If you’re not a bad actor using bots to scrape people’s public Twitter data, you’re not going to hit the speed limit for normal use. The current limit of 1000 daily messages for old, unauthenticated accounts is sufficient for informal checkout. However, if you are not satisfied, you can switch to Threads that do not impose such restrictions.

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