Businesses can keep their gold check marks on Twitter for $1,000 per month

Twitter has been posting new rules and regulations daily since Elon Musk took over the company. This time around, the social media company has decided to charge companies $1,000 a month to keep their golden check marks on Twitter. It means brands that don’t pay the $1,000 a month will lose their gold badges, though the company itself hasn’t said so. But we can assume it will, given the history of the blue check.

The report from The Information has revealed that they came across the internal posts for the social media outlet and found that the company plans to charge $50 per month to add badges to each account connected to the company.

Earlier, social media consultant Matt Navarra had also shared a screenshot of an email exchange between Twitter product manager Evan Jones and an unnamed company.

While talking about this, Matt Navarra said:

“As an early access subscriber, you get a gold check mark for your organization and affiliate badges for its employees,” the email reads. “If you want to subscribe, Verified for Organizations costs $1,000 per month and $50 per additional affiliate handle per month with one month of free affiliates.”

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