Beware of NBP online verification fraud

Fraud related to banking is quite common these days, although the banks themselves have nothing to do with it. There are scammers who indulge in fraudulent activities and they steal people’s amount by using names of the banking chains. One such scam has surfaced on the internet and is associated with the National Bank of Pakistan. Before getting into details, be wary of NBP Online Verification Fraud.

Many users received an online campaign asking them to register for online verification of their NBP account. The advertisement revealed that this message is in line with the guidelines set by the government of the Ministry of Finance of Pakistan.

The ad goes on to tell that if people want to continue using their National Bank of Pakistan account, they have to do online verification or else their account will be blocked. The advertisement also gives the technical problem as the reason for this.

After giving this information to users, it asks users to verify their account online from the comfort of their homes and ask them to click on the WhatsApp button below it to do so.

This advertisement also came in via WhatsApp. Many people took to social media and shared screenshots.

In regards to this, the National Bank of Pakistan has developed a Customer Awareness tab for users, which tells users not to fall under the spell of such activities.

Here are the guidelines offered by NBP on their official page:

  • Do not share details regarding your bank account, debit/credit card, and personal information during phone calls or emails, even if the caller/sender claims to be someone from NBP, State Bank, FBR, or a government/law enforcement agency.
  • Do not click on links or download attachments received via email, SMS, messaging apps (WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger etc.) or found on internet websites. They can steal sensitive information for fraud.
  • Never download software/apps from untrusted or suspicious internet websites and mobile app stores.
  • Do not give your debit/credit card or debit card to anyone.
  • Never share your NBP Digital App ID, password, debit/credit card number, PIN, or one-time password (OTP).
  • Never use your Name, CNIC Nr. and/or Date of Birth as password.

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