Bethesda announces Mighty DOOM game for mobile

Bethesda has announced a new game in the Doom franchise, Mighty DOOM, for mobile users. This game is not available on PC or consoles. Mighty Doom is a new mobile game where the Doomslayer – or Mini Slayer – does what he does best, which is to run and shoot dozens of demons while directing his fury with your fingers.

Bethesda announces Mighty DOOM game for mobile

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Bethesda says you can fight your way through hordes of adorably violent demons, iconic levels and challenging bosses as you level up, unlocking powerful abilities and improving your arsenal. The Mini Slayer also has a cuter design compared to its main counterpart from 2016’s Doom and the sequel to Doom Eternal. In addition, it has an unquenchable appetite for violence thanks to the demon dolls that steal its beloved rabbit Daisy.

Because of the rogue-lite design, you often expect to die, rise again, and fight your way through the hordes of hell. The game will officially launch on March 21 and is being developed by Nova Scotia studio Alpha Dog Games.

Interestingly, this is the second recent mobile game release featuring an iconic character running through dangerous locations and enemy gauntlets.

Get ready to play the game next month. Also share your experience with us after playing the game in the comment section below.

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