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Best streaming services in 2023

If we look around, we will find that the trend of video streaming sites and apps has risen in recent years. Now we have many media streaming services such as NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc., which allow us to stream endless hours of video content.

As for Amazon Private Video, the service offers on-demand content at a relatively low monthly cost. It is also one of the most popular video streaming services out there, and Prime Video’s monthly subscription is much cheaper than other streaming services.

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List of Best Amazon Prime Video Alternatives

People are still looking for alternatives as everyone has a love for movies and music. Also, these streaming services often have their content. Here in this article, we will share some of the best amazon prime video alternatives.

1) NetFlix


NetFlix is ​​most likely the best video streaming site you can use today. If we compare Netflix with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix seems to have more content.

While every user has different tastes in movies and TV shows, we found NetFlix’s content more unique. On the other hand, Netflix is ​​known for its rich library of award-winning TV shows, documentaries and movies.

However, it is a premium video streaming service that requires you to pay monthly or annual fees. Netflix is ​​available on almost every platform, including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS.

2) Hulu


Hulu is a US-based streaming service site like Amazon Prime Video, where you can watch endless video content. While not as popular as Amazon Prime Video, it still has a lot of movies and TV shows.

The great thing about Hulu is that it has video content from leading networks like Starz, PBS, 21st Century Fox, AMC and more.

The only downside to Hulu is that it’s not available in many regions. But if you have an active VPN service, you can access the site from anywhere.

3) Vudu


Vudu, now the popular video streaming site, was originally launched as a set-top box in 2007. Now it has become a full-fledged video streaming service with more than 200,000 movies and TV shows.

Currently, Vudu has over 60 million registered users and is also the official movie and TV store on Roku.

The video streaming site has unlimited video content, but you need to rent or buy it. Overall, Vudu is a great Amazon Prime Video alternative for you to consider.

4) Crack


Crackle, backed by Sony, is another best Amazon Prime Video alternative you can consider.

However, Crackle’s content is nowhere near Amazon Prime Video. The only reason we put Crackle on the list is that it’s completely free.

You can access almost 150+ full movies and 75+ TV shows with a free account. Being a free media streaming site, you have to adjust to the commercials between episodes.

5) Hotstar


Disney+ Hotstar is a popular over-the-top (OTT) streaming service. The good thing about Disney+ Hotstar is that it has a lot of original content in the form of movies and TV shows.

Disney+ Hotstar also has live streaming options. For example, you can stream sports, live TV channels, etc. with a Disney+ Hotstar premium subscription.

Overall, if you are looking for the best Amazon Prime video alternative to watch movies, TV shows and live cricket, Hotstar might be your best choice.

6) CONv


CONtv is a site where you can get comic books and videos. The site was formerly called Viewster and still offers a number of free movies and TV shows.

On CONtv you can watch popular TV shows such as Highlander, The Legend of Zelda and more. Overall, CONtv is another best Amazon Prime alternative you can consider.

7) Itunes


Well, iTunes is not exactly a movie streaming website, but you can rent movies from iTunes library. Movies in the iTunes library are affordable and for just $3 or $4 you can rent a movie for 48 hours.

The iTunes library contains many TV shows and movies for you to watch. However, iTunes was initially intended for the iOS ecosystem and is best enjoyed on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac.

8) M-GO


M-GO is relatively new online streaming service you can use now. We have included M-GO on the best Amazon Prime Video Alternative list because it maintains a huge database of movies and TV shows.

M-GO’s user interface is impressive and uncluttered. However, the site is not a streaming source like Amazon, but it is a portal where you can buy TV shows and movies.

9) YouTube


YouTube is currently the leading video streaming site in the world. On this site, you can spend endless hours watching video content.

If you dive deep into the platform, you will find many movies and TV shows shared by the users. YouTube also allows you to rent movies by paying a certain amount.

Once you buy or rent movies and TV shows on YouTube, you can watch them on any supported device. Suppose you want to watch movies on your smartphone; in that case, just sign in with your Google account and access your purchases.

10) Videos


Vimeo is another best video sharing platform that only has high definition videos. The video streaming site offers some TV series and supports 360-degree videos.

The site is also known for its user interface, which looks clean and uncluttered. Vimeo’s search organizes videos by category and channel.

11) Apple TV+

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV+ isn’t the most popular streaming service, but it’s still relevant. Apple TV+ subscriptions are slightly more expensive than Prime Video or other video streaming services, but you get plenty of original movies and TV shows.

With the $4.99 monthly subscription, you can watch popular hits like Coda, Ted Lasso, etc. Availability is not an issue as it is available on almost all platforms.

12) Amazon Freevee


Not many people would know, but Amazon also has a video streaming service called Freevee. Amazon Freevee is a part of Prime Video that only has free content.

There are many movies and TV shows on Amazon Freevee that you can watch without a subscription. Also, the site often gets new content in many popular categories such as animation, comedy, suspense, etc.

13) MXPlayer

What is MX Player?

MXPlayer used to be a top-rated media player for Android, but now it has become a leading OTT media streaming platform and app in India.

You must use a VPN app to access MXPlayer’s catalog outside of India. You can watch all the videos on MXPlayer for free, but you have to adjust the ads.

Ads are on the higher side and can ruin your video watching experience. However, you can remove ads by paying for the premium plan.

These are the best Amazon Prime Video alternatives you can use right now. The streaming services mentioned in the article offer endless hours of video content. If you know of more services like this, let us know in the comment box below.

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