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Best sites like FMovies to watch movies

When it comes to relaxing our mind and forgetting our worries, we listen to music or watch movies. With so many video streaming sites and services, watching movies and TV shows is now easier than ever.

You have not one but hundreds of video streaming services that provide you with high-quality video content. Sites like FMovies, 123Movies, etc. provide users with free videos, but they are not legal; and are sourced from many regions.

What is Fmovies? Is it legal?

FMovies used to provide full-length movies and TV series for free, but being an illegal movie streaming source, it was banned in many regions. Today, users have to depend on a VPN/Proxy service to unblock Fmovies.

The problem continues as there is a risk of legal trouble associated with using illegal movie streaming sites. Therefore, if you are someone who does not want to get themselves into legal trouble, it is best to start using the FMovies Alternatives.

Best sites like FMovies to watch movies online

There are quite a few Fmovies alternatives available on the internet that offer you better video content. Some of them require premium subscriptions while others are free. Let’s take a look at the best Fmovies alternatives for watching movies online.

1. Prime Video

Amazon Prime video

If you are looking for an affordable streaming service for movies, look no different than Amazon Prime Video. You can purchase Prime Video or subscribe to Amazon Prime Subscription to enjoy the streaming service.

Amazon Prime Subscription gives you access to a number of other services from the company such as Amazon Music, Prime Delivery, Prime Reading (eBooks), etc. The great thing about Prime Video is that the subscriptions are very affordable.

You can choose from monthly or early plans. If you are a student, you can also buy the subscription with a 50% discount.

When we talk about the content, Prime Video is known for its exclusive content. It has many great and popular movies and TV shows that you can watch endlessly in high quality.

2. Hulu


If you live in the US and are looking for a paid video-on-demand service, then Hulu might just be your best bet. Hulu is less popular than Prime Video but has a growing user base.

The site keeps adding new content regularly to ensure users always have videos. Hulu is a great site to watch movies and TV shows. Not only that, but it also has a dedicated section to stream classic sitcoms and TV series.

The only thing that can disappoint new users is availability. Hulu is now available in the US. Therefore, if you want to try the video service, you have to unblock Hulu first, which can be a difficult process.

Hulu also has its official app available for Android and iOS, allowing mobile users to stream videos on the go. Thus, Hulu is one such video streaming service that you will not regret.

3. PopcornFlix


Admittedly, the terms ‘Online Movies’ and ‘free’ rarely go together. The site claiming to provide you with online movies asks you to buy a subscription first.

Likewise, the site that offers free content shows you hundreds of ads. This is where Popcornflix comes in. The idea behind Popcornflix is ​​to offer online movies that are completely free to watch.

There is absolutely no subscription required to watch movies on the site. And you can watch the movies countless times. The site also offers many useful filters to browse movies by title, actor, genre, and more.

PopcornFlix is ​​​​available for web, Android and iOS. On a mobile device, you need to download the PopcornFlix app, which you can download for free and enjoy movies and TV shows.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

TubiTV is probably the best FMovies alternative on the list, which is free and shows fewer ads than cable. Despite being free, TubiTV offers you thousands of movies and TV shows.

All content on the site is always free and 100% legal to stream. The good thing about TubiTV is that it is available for free on every platform you can think of.

You can use it on your Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbos, Samsung Smart TVs, Playstation and the web.

The site is 100% free and legal and relies on ads to monetize its content. Overall, TubiTV is a great site like FMovies that you should not miss.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is slightly different from FMovies as it is mostly known for its LiveTV. On the site you can watch TV channels and movies. Although the movie content is less, it still has a few popular titles in its database.

Pluto TV shows movies from Fox Studios, Paramount, Warner Bros. and more. Since Viacom owns it, you can expect a lot of popular movies.

Pluto TV is a free video streaming service and you don’t need to link your credit/debit card or register on the site to watch the content. Just visit the site and start watching the videos right away.

Pluto TV is also available for Android and iOS, so you can stream LiveTV channels and movies directly from your mobile.

6. Crack


Crackle is a video streaming service supported by Sony Pictures. It is a great FMovies alternative for watching Sony Pictures Studios movies and TV shows.

The site is free to use and you can view all the content without a subscription, but you have to adapt to the ads that appear out of nowhere.

The major drawback to Crackle is that it is only available in select regions. If you live in a country where Crackle is not yet available, you should look for ways to unblock Sony Crackle.

An app is available for Android and iPhone, and the mobile app offers an option to sign up to be notified of new or upcoming movies.

7. Yidio


Yidio or your internet video is another best site like FMovies for watching movies free online. You can use this site to find movies and TV shows that are available for free for a limited time.

It is basically a video aggregator that tracks video content available on various movie and TV show streaming websites. Currently, Yidio supports over 300 video streaming services, including Hulu, PrimeVideo, HBO Now, Netflix and more.

Yidio is recommended to those who often struggle to find what content to watch. If you’re someone who needs to know what to watch next, you’ll find Yidio very useful.

The site and mobile app also have a special “Free” section that lists all the movies that are free for a limited time. On the other hand, you may still need to create an account on those video streaming services to watch the video for free.



Although Netflix is ​​the most popular and leading at the moment video streaming servicewe mentioned it towards the end because it is quite expensive.

Compared to all the other video streaming services mentioned in the article, Netflix’s premium plans are more expensive. If you are looking for a free movie streaming site, Netflix may not be for you.

The subscriptions are expensive, but you can watch hundreds of movies and TV shows. In addition, a Netflix premium subscription unlocks the download feature that allows you to download your favorite videos for offline playback.

Everything is top notch on Netflix, from video quality to the site’s user interface. For mobile users, Netflix also has an app for Android and iPhone.

9. Disney+

Download and install Disney+ Hotstar on Windows 11

Compared to Netflix, Disney+ subscriptions are quite affordable. While Disney+’s database is smaller than Netflix, it still has a lot of unique content to watch.

Disney+ is a great source for watching movies and TV shows from the Marvel Cinematic universe. You also get hosts with content from Disney.

If you live in India, you get an add-on called ‘Hotstar’. Disney+ Hotstar unlocks all Disney+ content along with some live TV channels and regional content.

Each Disney+ plan offers you a download feature that lets you download videos for offline access. You can access Disney+ via the web, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Smart TVs, etc.

10. YouTube


YouTube may not be the best FMovies alternative, but it is still the best site to watch hours of video content. As a leading video site, YouTube offers you more content than any other site or service listed in the article.

It is basically a platform for both creators to share their creative talents and for viewers to watch videos. So you always have content on YouTube.

When we talk about movies, YouTube has a special section that allows you to rent movies. Those who don’t want to rent should find YouTube channels that upload full-length movies.

It can be hard work to find YouTube channels that upload movies, but it’s worth it. If you dig deep into the platform, you will find many YouTube channels that regularly upload full-length movies.

So, these are some of the best sites like FMovies for streaming movies and TV shows. If you want to share another site like FMovies, let us know in the comments. And if the article helped you, share it with your friends.

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