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Best File Hosting and Sharing Sites

We have hundreds of file sharing websites these days, but none offer unlimited storage space. One website that offered unlimited disk space was Zippyshare, but it was recently closed.

Zippyshare was a viral file hosting and sharing website and was founded in 2006. The site did not become popular overnight but has become very popular over the course of a few years.

Users around the world started hosting movies, songs, games, ISO files, etc. on the platform. ZippyShare used to be 100% free, has no download limits, no signup required, and offers unlimited disk space.

Now, however, the underlying Zippyshare thinks its file hosting service is no longer profitable and they can’t afford to keep it up and running; hence they shut down the service.

10 Best Zippyshare Alternatives

If you used to be a Zippyshare user and hosted a lot of files, it is best to switch to another file hosting/sharing website. Below we have listed a number of them best sites like Zippyshare to host files. Let’s check out.

1. 4Shared


4Shared may be the best Zippyshare alternative available on the internet. Moreover, it is one of the most useful tools for online storage.

Compared to other file storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., 4Shared offers more storage space.

4Shared has free and premium plans, but the free plan is the most popular. The maximum storage space for free users is 15 GB per account and the maximum file size is 2 GB per file.

The most striking thing about 4Shared is its availability. The popular cloud storage tool is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and Huawei smartphones.

2. SaberCatHost


SaberCatHost is not as popular as 4Shared, but it is still one of the best options. Millions of users are now using the file storage service to host and share files.

It has free and premium plans, but the free one is more popular. The free plan that doesn’t require you to sign up gives you 5 GB of storage, but the maximum file upload size is set at 50 MB.

This means that you can use this cloud storage service to host only music and videos because of the maximum file upload limit. There is no download limit, but the free version has a slower download speed.

While SaberCatHost isn’t the perfect Zippyshare alternative, it’s still a great platform for hosting documents, music, and videos.

3. FileFactory


FileFactory is one cloud storage service which aims to put an end to all the hassles with your storage needs. This is a file hosting and sharing service, like Zippyshare, which has both free and premium plans.

The free plan allows users to store an unlimited number of files and use an unlimited amount of space. However, the files uploaded by free users are automatically deleted after 30 days.

So if you plan on hosting your files longer, you may need something other than FileFactory. However, if you want a service that allows you to upload and instantly generate a sharing link, FileFactory could be a good choice.

FileFactory’s premium account offers unlimited speed/downloads, no ads, and no automatic file deletion after 30 days.

4. Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync is one cloud file storage service that is much more popular than Zippyshare, 4Shared or other similar services.

It is a cloud storage service known for its great file syncing features. You can upload and store your important files on the service and access them with other devices.

When we talk about SugarSync’s plans and pricing, it does not have a free plan, but it does have a 5 GB free trial. You can use the trial period for 30 days; after that you have to buy a premium version.

SugarSync’s personal plan, which starts at $7.49, gives you 100 GB of storage. Within that storage, you get great features like folder synchronization, bank-level security, remote device wipe, file recovery features, etc.

5. MediaFire


Mediafire is more popular than Zippyshare when it comes to storing files. It is an old player in the cloud storage world and knows its trade well.

Mediafire has both free and premium plans. The free plan offers you 10 GB cloud storage only if you log in to the site.

Not only that, but Mediafire also gives you 1 GB of extra storage space for each user who signs up with your referral. In addition, you get 200 MB of storage space when you install the mobile apps.

However, don’t expect advanced features with the free plan. Overall, Mediafire is a great Zippyshare alternative that you can use today.

6. Mega


Mega is a top-rated cloud storage provider and offers free and premium plans.

The main highlight of Mega is the free plan offered to you 20 GB storage spacewhich is more than what a leading cloud service provider offers.

In addition to the free subscription, Mega has four different subscriptions for companies and individuals. So you have several options when buying a premium subscription.

Another amazing feature of Mega is that all files are encrypted on the client side. This means that only the user who uploaded it can decrypt its files.

7. WeTransfer


WeTransfer is very different from Zippyshare when it comes to functionality. It is a file sharing service where you upload and share files directly.

You can upload files up to 2 GB in size. After uploading you will immediately receive a shareable link.

Since it is not a file hosting service, all uploaded files automatically disappear once the shareable link expires. So WeTransfer is a great option if you are looking for a service to host and share files instantly.

8.Google Drive

Google Drive website

Google Drive needs no introduction, as you probably already know about it. It is a very popular cloud storage service from Google that offers similar features to Zippyshare.

You get 15 GB of storage with every Google Drive account. Within that 15 GB, you can store as many files as you want without worrying about file upload size.

After uploading the files to Google Drive, you can set the privacy of the file as you wish. The only problem with Google Drive is that the service is strict about what you upload.

If it detects a file that violates Google Drive’s terms and conditions, it will delete it without any notice.



pCloud is a lesser known cloud storage service on the list, but it is a perfect choice for media lovers. It has both free and premium plans.

The free plan offers you 10 GB free cloud storagebut file encryption is not available in the free version.

pCloud and Google Drive have many similarities; they can mount a virtual drive in your PC’s file explorer. You can easily open or upload new files from the virtual disk to the cloud.

pCloud’s premium plans give you collaboration features, top-notch security, synchronization services, and more.

10. Koofr


Koofr is another best site like Zippyshare to store your file securely in the cloud. This one is less popular than Zippyshare but offers 10 GB of free secure storage space in the cloud.

Within the bandwidth of 10GB, you can upload files of any size, set up automatic backup of mobile media, two-way synchronization, one koofr vault, etc.

The feature that makes Koofr unique is the ability to link with other cloud accounts. This allows you to manage multiple cloud storage services from one place.

You also get a virtual drive added to your PC’s file explorer. Overall, Koofr is a great Zippyshare alternative to use.

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Zippyshare was definitely the one best file sharing website, but it was shut down after 17 years of service. Now that the service no longer depends on the Zippyshare Alternatives we shared is the best. If you want to add your favorite Zippyshare alternative, let us know in the comments below.

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