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Best AI Art Generators for 2023: Free and Paid Options

Generative AI has become the tech talk of the modern age. The applications can be seen everywhere from chatgpt to a part of many apps and search engines. It helps writers, teachers, students and developers to improve their work and make it more efficient. You will be amazed that it has a number of uses for graphics and art experts. There are AI art generators that allow you to create any design or image with just a simple query. There are a number of AI art generators on the internet and you may now be wondering which art generators are best for you. To solve this conundrum, let’s take a look at the best AI art generators for 2023.

Best AI Art Generators for 2023

1) Dall E 2023:

Famed Silicon Valley startup OpenAI made headlines with the launch of chatgpt. But did you know that there is another application from the company known as DALL-E 2 that creates AI-generated graphics and art? It allows users to create real looking images with just a simple text input from a user.

image generator AI

DALL-E 2 has a number of features, but one of its most scintillating features is the ability to extend a given image beyond the actual canvas. The process is called Outpainting. It’s an exciting way to create breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, you can also use the technology to produce an array of images for social media or blog posts. The AI ​​art generator allows you to create multiple images of realistic artwork, an oil painting or an illustration.


Solution Price per image
1024×1024 $0.020
512×512 $0.018
256×256 $0.016

2) Interim (free use available):

What sets Midjourney apart from DALL E is that it is not based on a website. It is an AI art generator that produces images on a Discord server. This AI art generator is built by a self-funded team of developers. Since the beta program, Midjourney has made significant strides and now it has become the most popular AI art generator. One thing you should keep in mind is that you can use Midjourney exclusively on the Discord server as a bot and display images on the server.

free AI image generator

Now you may be wondering how to get started with the Midjourney AI art generator. Well, all you have to do is join the Discord server and give your prompts with a simple prefix. After you insert your text, your request enters a queue and the generative AI immediately works on it. The final result takes a little time, but the results that are produced are sure to impress you. The best thing about this image generator is that the displayed images are quite accurate and resonate with the given prompt.


Free images Cost additional images
25 $10 for 200 images

3) Jasper Art:

You must have heard the name of AI writer Jasper as it was launched before the advent of OpenAI. You should know that Jasper also has an AI art generator. There are a number of methods through which you can use this generative AI software. You can start from scratch by using the Freeform option or you can also try Jasper’s built-in templates on which to build a new work of art.

paid AI art generators

You must provide a prompt if you use the free form option. Like many generative AI models, Jasper Art also delivers the outcome based on the prompt. For example, the more detailed the prompt is, the better the result. Apart from that, the AI ​​art generator also offers fine tuning as you have the option to choose from moods, different tones, mediums, styles, keywords and even different languages. After completing your prompt, all you have to do is tap create artwork and Jasper Art will create it for you. The aspect we like most about Jasper is that it displays results within a minute, which is quite efficient.


Plan Monthly costs Free images Cost additional images
Standard $39 200 $0.00

4) Canva AI:

Canva is one of the most famous online free-to-use graphic design tools with tons of features. Recently, the company launched a new text-to-image AI tool. Like AI art generators, you can provide a text prompt and Canva’s generative AI tool will then display four images that closely match your prompts.

AI photo generator

For graphic designers, it’s an impressive addition to their template library. Plus, because it’s part of Canva, it’s great for existing users. Another exciting feature of this tool is that it allows you to create art that fits your specific aspect ratio.


Plan Price Free credits Extra credit costs
Free Trial $0.00 5 N/A
Paid subscription $15.99 N/A 40 credits for $15.99

5) Fotor (free use available):

Fotor is a web-based generative AI tool known for its efficient AI art generation and intuitive user interface. Like some other AI art generators, it allows you to generate images for free. However, there is a limit of 10 free images per day.


All you need to do is simply create an account and start using it. Like other AI art generators, Fotor works after receiving specific directions from users to deliver desired results. Its uniqueness is that it is even capable of generating images based on the images you provide. In addition, you can easily save your results in a gallery for easy access.


10 free images per day

Plan Monthly costs Free images per day
Photographer Pro $8.99 10
Photo Pro+ $19.99 10

How do AI art generators work?

AI art generators work by using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to create art. These generators are often based on deep learning models, such as Variational AutoEncoders (VAEs) or Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which are trained on huge datasets of images and illustrations.

When a user provides input to the AI ​​art generator, such as a textual description or an initial image, the model processes this input and generates a new piece of art that matches the given input. The AI ​​system’s ability to learn from massive amounts of data allows it to capture patterns and styles in the training data, enabling it to produce new and creative works of art.

Learning from a wide variety of artistic styles and elements, these AI art generators can mimic and combine different artistic techniques, resulting in unique and imaginative creations.

last words:

Dall E & Midjourney are our top picks among these AI generators. You can also share your preference in the comments section below!

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